Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 104

Raag Dhanaasree

Shri Raghunath ji & Ma Sita

jaankee-jeevankee bali jaaihaaun |

chit kahaai raamseeya-pad parihari ab na kahoon chali jaaihaaun ||1||

upjee ur prateeti sapanehun sukh, prabhu-pad-vimukh na paaihaaun |

man samet yaa tanke baasinh, ihaai sikhaavan daaihaaun ||2||

shravanani aaur katha nahin sunihaaun, rasnaa aaur na gaaihaaun |

rokihaaun nayan bilokat aaurhin, sees ees hee naaihaaun ||3||

naato-neh naathson kari sab naato-neh bahaaihaaun |

yah chhar bhaar taahi tulsee jag jaako daas kahaaihaaun ||4||

Shri Ram is the Life of Janaki ji

I am going to offer myself to *Raghunath ji, the very life of Sri *Janaki. My *mind specifically advices me that now I should not go anywhere else on abandoning the feet of Sri Sita-Ram ||1||

Shri Ram's Feet

Such implicit faith has been evoked in my heart that I wont be joyous anywhere even in my dreams, if I avert myself from Shri Ram ji's feet. Due to this I will give this particular instruction (spiritual) to my mind and those (senses) dwelling in this body ||2||

Shri Ram is Lord Vishnu Incarnate

I am not going to hear anything else with my ears, am not going to talk about anyone else with my tongue, will stop my eyes from gazing anywhere else and will bow this head only in front of the Supreme Being ||3||

Goswami Tulsidas, a Great Devotee of Shri Ram

Now I am going to love and establish a bond with the Lord, and break my connection plus affection with everyone else. I that is Tulsidas will be known as whoever's daas or devotee in this world, the burden of all my karmas will also also rest on that Svami ||4||

Raghunath ji: the Lord of the race of the Raghus, a title of Lord Ram

Janaki: daughter of Janaka, a title of Sita

mind: as seat of perception and feeling

Senses: 5 karm indriyan or senses are the feet, anus, penis, mouth, hands.

5 gyan indriyan or senses are the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin

4 suksham indriyan or sensorium is the mind, intellect, memory and action

Supreme Being: esp as equated to Vishnu

karmas: action with its fruit and implications of merit

Svami: God

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