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Chapter 39: Swelling Emotions in the Yugal's Sweetness

The lyrical Yamuna flows in ethereal Vrindavan abounding with bucolic groves. Here Radha-Krishna dally and are adored by Braj beauties.The yugal steeping everyone in their terrifying rush of love, invaded Bobo's heart.

Relishing their amorous frolics she revealed, “But if his beloveds representing souls in search of salvation were hungry for the fulfilment of love, the dark-hued Krishna was hungry too because the very foundation of a religion of union is that the individual, partial and manifest self be joined with the universal, whole and unmanifest Self. Gopis' love is regarded as transcendental love of the highest order and being selfless is inherent in these milkmaids."

At this end Bobo saw the dark-skinned cowherd leaning against the trunk of a coral tree.The son of Nanda had posited the bamboo flute on his tender red lips.Its mellifluous sound resounded in the whole forest and cowherds were drawn by its melody.What is our lovable Kanhaiya singing, they wondered? Herds of cows heard the song and headed here. And as for these dishevelled Braj beauties, casting off their chores they moved in a delicious anguish to Krishna's side.Some with closed eyes and others without batting an eyelid relished his winsome manners.

Full of these bhavas revered Bobo kept residing in Vrindavan.Today she had just sat down after doing shringar of Thakurji when she disclosed,“The dallying couple's beauty bloomed with a unique passion as of today.They looked fixedly with a yearning for greater ardour. Somehow during that sequence, the yugal's tied hair broke free and tresses danced on their forehead plus cheeks with joyous abandon. As is often the case, their strings of pearls broke in this amorous frolic.Beads of perspiration broke out on their smooth foreheads and seemed enchanting. Words can not express how their passion was calmed after reaching such heights of elation and ecstasy.

Revered Bobo was absorbed in relishing the sweet love of Radha-Krishna. Once she says,

“ It is not raining at this point of time but gathered clouds have overcast the sky. The condensed clouds are delightful being cool, smooth and water laden. The swaying and clinging foliage, and lightning' enflames the yugal further, absorbing them in some new romantic dalliance. Hiding and appearing, the herd of sakhis are savouring this scene with their eyes,.

Immersing herself in this rush of love, a sakhi was spellbound. Not disclosing to anyone but one fine day the sakhi saw her enraptured Kishori quietly stepping out of the nikunja. Smiling she held her hand and requested cleverly, “

I wish to see you in some secluded nikunja when the impassioned Krishna has caught hold of your aanchal despite your repeatedly fobidding him. Soon after a moving glance invades your large beautiful eyes which makes the supreme lover stoop to more mischief.When can I sight you in such an impassioned state?”Priyaji knew that their mysterious love play had been watched by her.Revered Bobo was also steeped in this blissful experience.

The thought of some new maiden's alarmed mindset urged by loving sentiments followed by her warm welcome to Vrindavan, where the god forever dwells, struck Bobo.

It was but natural for everyone, the community of sakhis, the herd of sakhas and the denizens to ask, “Who is this new arrival?” A milkmaid usually forays into the supreme lover's realm, to seek refuge in his passionate shade... appease their ardent longing. It is not an astonishing matter yet everyone asks, “Tell us who are you? From where have you come? What do you want and what is this dress up? In a crazy get up and dishevelled why are you roaming around here?”

These Braj beauties saw the dark-skinned cowherd, Krishna, adulating this enraptured maiden as he hid in some creeper thicket. They ran and accosted this enchanted maiden.She saw these scurrying milkmaids and raised her innocently longing eyes to behold dark Krishna, the colour of the condensed sky. Who is he whose name is prancing in her mind and soul-he is the very same Rasiya Kishore.It is certainly him! How lovingly tender is his gaze, and a pleasant smile plays on his lips. And above all his glance is fixed on me.

She stood spellbound. And when these sakhis came to nab Krishna and pointing towards her asked, “Who is this new addition? Why are you standing innocently like a good simpleton and whom are you sporting with now? Whom have you forced to cast off household chores and worldly constraints during the fun filled, spontaneous and intensely passionate days of Holi and nights of autumnal passion?” Well when she heard the dark-hued lover's laughter the maiden blushed. The sakhis who are the zenith of spiritual awareness, left confirming that they would come back to ask again, “And you better listen beer (term of address) you can't remain mum and must tell us about the escapade.” The embarassment of that thrilled beauty and the teasing paramour's elusive smile were winsome.

These cowherdesses with whom the handsome Rasika sported in his youth,are steeped in fresh rushes of Krishna's mysterious love and he gathers more rasa from them. This terrifying rush of love is ancient but ever new-it is here that there is constant basant or spring with fresh whiffs of spring breeze and fragrance of lotus pollen everyday. Therefore absorbed in a pathos of longing, everyone asks such insane questions. And their supreme lover, appearing ignorant on purpose, dupes his sakhas to enjoy himself while dallying.

The bond of Shyama-Shyam is constant and eternal.We are a part of that sole purusha, handsome Krishna.We have relished the delight of that undivided whole and related to him since ages, being a part of his divine play.Solely because of difference in perception and worldly constraints we are separated from our experienced supreme lover.We have to move our mind from this whole land displaying Krishna's presence and power and focus it on the dark-hued god . The cycle of new and old is constantly in motion.

It was always tough to figure out the mindset of Bobo steeped in sentiments.Her innate humility was apparent as she greatly respected associates of all ages. In reality her perceptions were hidden to such an extent that her simply unaffected nature and the rush of love which gushed from every fiber of her being, the manifestation of assurances received from Priya-Priyata-remained the primary source of attraction towards her.

Overwhelmed by her great luminaries, saints and bhaktas were drawn towards her sensitive perceptions and relished the intimacy innate in her nature.

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