Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shri Venu Geet: Nineteenth Shloka

Shri Krishna-Balaram Venture from One Forest to Another

ga gopakair anu-vanam nayator udara-venu-svanaih
kala-padais tanu-bhrtsu sakhyah |
aspandanam gati-matam pulakas tarunam,
niryoga-pasa-krta-laksanayor vicitram ||

Dark-hued Krishna & Fair-hued Balaram with Flutes

Meaning: O Sakhi! The movements of these two youths, one dark and the other fair-hued is unique, for certain. When they carry a certain type of rolled up rope(used for tying the legs of a cow while milking it) on their heads , fling another kind of rope used for binding cows on their shoulders, and venture from one forest to another with the cowherd boys, they strike melodious notes of the sweet flute.

Living Beings are Spellbound on Beholding Krishna

What to speak of mortal human beings-even animate animals and birds who come under the category of moving living entities, and inanimate rivers are spellbound at that time. Furthermore, the immovable trees are thrilled with ecstasy. Which other miracle of the magical flute can I possibly narrate?

Living & Inanimate Beings of the Forest are Entranced by Krishna

Commentary by Shri Manohar Baba: Sripada Shreedhar Swami says-O Sakhi! On hearing the melodious sound of Shri Krishna's flute play as He ventures with Shri Balram, the young cowherds and cows, the wealth of His tiny village- animate animals-birds and living beings of the forest, stand still entranced. Those who are immovable become fluid as they attain spiritual awareness.

Shri Krishna and Balaram Milking Cows

Both the brothers have wrapped that rope which is used for tying the cows' feet while milking them around their heads and flung it around their shoulders-because of this act their attire looks extraordinary and they appear so very beautiful.

Krishna & Balaram Playing their Flutes

While analysing this bhava, Sripada Sanatan Goswami and Sripada Jeev Goswami say-Sakhi what can one say about this Govardhana whose living entities are truly blessed.

Shri Krishna & Balaram Wander from One Forest to Another

The tinkling anklets of Shri Krishna's feet which wander from one forest to another along with Shri Balram, and the extremely fortunate cowherds and cows, as well as due to with the sound of His flute play, the stationary and movable entities attain a bhava which is contrary to their disposition; they reach the heights of ecstasy and religious rapture.

Focusing on the Beautiful Krishna

Niryogah: They have not only beheld Krishna but attained the entirety of *yoga. Above all, the traits of love and its nuances have arisen in such animate and inanimate beings, when they have darshan of Shri Krishna dressed in that unique attire.

Sakhis Long to Catch a Glimpse of Krishna

Sakhi! Even on being capable in every possible way, we are not blessed with such good fortune.
yoga: a practice of abstract meditation undertaken to bring the soul into union with the Supreme Spirit

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