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Prem Sudha Dhara: Induji

(Page 256)

Shri Hari

Shri Vrindavan Dhaam

6th December 1967

Dear Indu,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

Today is Vihar Panchimi (Vihari-sportive especially as Krishna) (panchami -the fifth day of a lunar half month);the manifestation day of Shri Shri Bihariji.The sweetly enchanting idol of Shri Haridas Maharaj's (Shri Lalitaji incarnate) pampered affection, dark-hued Bihariji powerfully attracts innumerable devotees, steeped in his loving tenderness.

Vrindavana abounds with unprecedented splendour along with bustling commotion celebrating his appearance. Talented musicians from distant lands offer songs at the samadhi (place of entombment esp of a saintly personage) of the renowned maestro Shri Haridas. It is said that Bihariji's grandeur is extraordinary today. And why not! He is enchanted by his dedicated devotees and their hungering devotion gushing forth on this grand occasion. Emotional bhaktas walk ahead of the idol, singing songs of a devotional nature, 'Jai jai Kunjbihari Shri Haridas.'

Lord Krishna's romantic dalliances and spirited antics are centered within earthly Vrindavan. The lively festivals are enhanced when Krishna, the teasing elusive and insistent paramour of the cowherdesses does amorous frolics in houses, forests, nikunjas, verdant groves, market places and banks of the Yamuna. Till date rasiks (persons moved by passionate religious devotion,especially for Krishna) are steeped in his terrifying rush of love.

Shri Shri Nanddasji has given such a remarkable account of Biharji, the repository of sweetness, that the idol seems to have a living presence. Though no one can bind the divine but those who have seen the lovingly tender form of passion, express its frenzied madness in words. Shri Nanddasji raves effortlessly,

Chabeele neelghan ki pootri krirath Vrindavan mahin.

Vividh bhushan dhare, vanshi kartal karen chalat dekhat parchanhi.

Sabhi ko hiyo karse,shobha badan barse, lochan chatak peevat jahin.

Nanddas prabhu ek damini see thagi tharhi, take gare garbanhi.

The handsome god Krishna, colour of the condensed sky, enacts playful dalliances in Vrindavana everyday. His feet tapping in a delicately expressive manner, hands restlessly active, eyes flitting with sidelong glances, frenzied fragrant breaths, sweetly melodious voice, swiftly dancing furrowed brows and heaves of ardent love in his broad chest. Adorned with fragrant limbs and lyrical softness; Krishna a paragon of exquisite beauty, does amorous frolics in Vrindavana. Certainly enrapturing others,Krishna surprisingly gets charmed by his own Madonmatkari form. ( Madan Mohan, infatuator of the god of love, a title of Krishna).

(Once having got up, he stood in front of the mirror to comb his hair. Drowsy-eyed and hair ruffled;Krishna was fascinated to see his clear reflection. Passionately drawn to his enigmatic persona, the cowherdesses represent his hungering devotees.' I am impassioned by myself,' admits the Lord).

Adorned with sparkling ornaments, the flute in his hands, looking at his shadow, the capricious dark-hued handsome god wanders along. You never know how many times he stops all of a sudden and then struts on.

Which female will not be enchanted by this handsome male form? Even animals and birds who saw the dark-skinned cowherd, stood still entranced. All were moved by the fusions of delight and desire, creating a delicious anguish in their lives. But what the Vraja maidens saw can not be expressed. Is he Kamdev incarnate! Krishna is nothing but madhurya or sweet love personified. All the beauty and all of the virtue of the world co-mingle in his character and form. He is irresistably atrractive with an attractiveness as mysterious as it is compelling.

Madhuryavaridhi madambutarangbhangi, shringar sankulit sheet, kishore vesham. You tell me Indu is it possible that Kishore (a title of Krishna in conjunction with Radha, his consort) with his thrusts of exquisite passion, be accounted for in words. The desirous longing of enraptured village girls for union with god, represents the intensity with which divine Krishna has been worshipped over the centuries and continues to be celebrated even today. Sometimes the sakhis' eyes close due to excessive ardent passion. Soon after, a fresh vexation of the capricious Krishna jolts them and they sight their teasing, elusive and insistent paramour.

Rasik Chudamani's (Krishna) smile is winsome and he laughs. Capturing a delicate and decisive moment in the progression of the gopis towards union with their Lord, does it grant the gift of life or captivates the heart by urging them into complete absorption in the joy of Krishna? Soon the love-laden song of their adulation flows from the music of his flute. Not just a musical instrument in the hands of Krishna, the flute is the breath of love and a call to eternity. It attracts and draws the milkmaids of Vrindavana out of their homes for a romantic dalliance with the handsome god. One never knows when Shri Radha, the devotional ideal of these Vraja maidens, came and stood close to Krishna.

As if lightning resplendently stood by the side of the handsome god, the colour of the condensed sky. Having abandoned her trait of fickleness, it seemed firmly fixed in the dark-skinned cloud; taken aback and nonplussed. Priyatam, initiator of the love song, saw his heart's beloved with side long glances; the song halted and he smiled. Shri Radha appraised him with partially opened eyes and put her arm around his neck; engulfed by surges of exquisite desire to possess Krishna singularly and without cease. Lightning (Radha) had embraced the cloud (Krishna).

And precisely then, those young maidens in a trance, turned vigilant as the song stopped and encircled the cloud-lightning. It seemed that the flash of lightning (Radha) replicating herself (as the kaya-vyuha sakhis), enclosed the blue-skinned cloud and was dazed. Soon after Rasik Shekhar (Krishna) would have broken their stupor in various ways and delighted them. All attained joy with the supreme lover fulfilling their desires. Longing ardently, the sakhis were on fire with desire for Krishna.

The divine play of Krishna finds no respite in earthly Vrindavana. This playful dalliance which is both real and illusionary, becomes him most of all and brings delight to all his bhaktas. Fusions of delight and desire are constant and no one can count the thrusts of this terrifying rush of love. Whoever sights the amorous frolics is completely absorbed and lost in ecstasy.

Okay, Jai Hari.

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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