Thursday, April 25, 2013

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Fortieth Shloka

he deva ! he dayita ! he bhuvanaika-bandho !
he Krishna ! he capala ! he darunaika-sindho !
he natha ! he ramana ! he nayanabhirama !
ha ha kada nu bhavitasi padam drishor me  ||40||

Simple Meaning:

Supreme Lover, Lord Krishna

O God! O Supreme Lover! O only Friend of the three worlds! O Krishna! O fickle One! O only Ocean of mercy! O Lord! O Enjoyer! O Beloved of my eyes! When again will You be visible to me.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Flute Play & Tinkling Anklets of Krishna

In the previous shloka Shri Bilavmangal ji was listening to Krishna's tinkling anklets and the melodious sound of His flute play. He was sure that the Lord was somehwere closeby and was coming towards him. Therefore he is anxious in this shloka and asking dark-hued Krishna, “Why don't You appear before me?”

Dark-hued Krishna Fond of Playful Dalliances

He says, “ You are fond of playfull dalliances so the delay in appearing before me could be a prank of Yours. Leave this child's play and manifest before me.

Lord Krishna, a Friend of the Tribhuvana

You are the essence of my life and my Supreme Lover. Not just this, You are the only friend and well wisher of this tribhuvana . I also belong to this same tribhuvana or universe therefore you are my friend as well. Do appear before my eyes !

Krishna Attracts & Delights His Devotees

 “How are you a friend of the entire world? Your name Krishna proves this fact. Attracting and delighting are Your two tasks.

Dark-hued Krishna is Fickle like Lightning

You are omnipresent but getting You is not easy because You are fickle. Lightning can fall into one's hands but no one can have a hold over You.

Shri Bilamangal ji Longs to See Krishna

O God! O dark-hued Krishna, Ocean of mercy! You are fickle that is fine but simultaneously You also bestow joy to our eyes. O Lord! When will You do a favour unto me by letting me see Your sweet image ?”

The Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna

With an ardent loning Bilavmangal ji prays for his eyes to be cooled by the vision of Lord Krishna's lotus feet.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Really, the most BEAUTIFUL photographs that I have ever seen.
Iss shloka ka bhav hi alag hai, pics bhi jaise unhonne hi bheji hon.

Extremely beautiful!