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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Seventy-eighth Shloka

padambuja-pallavena |

me jivitam attakeli ||78||
Simple Meaning:

Here Comes My Very Life, Krishna

Here comes my very life, Krishna. Having adopted a sportive attitude, He slowly approaches on tender lotus feet. His anklets make a soft tinkling sound as He joyously recollects charming flute songs. In other words, my very life Krishna is taking steps with His tender lotus feet as He remembers romantic dalliances of the past.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna, the Wealth of My Life, Approaches

Shri Billavmangalji is saying that Krishna, the wealth of my life, is approaching on His tender blue-hued feet. With toes resembling lotus petals, His soft lotus feet make a soft sound of tinkling anklets adorning His feet. Recollecting flute songs sung during some romantic dalliance of the past, He comes towards me. He is my very life, my heart's Beloved.

The Tender Lotus Feet of Krishna

 The soft sweet sound of jingling anklets resounds. The hansdome youth is lifting His feet very slowly. Due to an intoxicating sluggishness affecting His gait the sound of jingling anklets is faint. Like the feet of a newborn baby boy His feet are softly tender and red-hued. As and when Krishna lifts and keeps down his feet their redness takes on a red or pink hue accordingly. The specks of dust are also turning red because of this.

There is lasya or feminine grace, an intoxicating sluggishness in His gait as if a youth overpowered by some saffron-coloured intoxication, recollecting some charming romantic dalliance is approaching. The resulting thoughts churning around in His mind have made His movement sluggish.

The Intoxicating Sluggish Walk of Krishna

Shri Billavmangalji Maharaj is observing Krishna's gait. Why has this intoxicating sluggishness affected it? The reason is clear, newly in love Krishna is making a plan to meet some beloved of His and approaching. Or else, lost in the memory of some old romantic dalliance, He is coming.

Fresh Ragas & Raginis are Played On Krishna's Flute

New fresh ragas and raginis or musical notes are being created in His flute play.Vrindavan is charmed with the ripple of this unique sweet nectarine flute song. In the frenzy of ecstasy, the gopis are beside themselves with joy.

Krishna Recollecting a Romantic Dalliance

anusmaran-mashjula-venu-gitam: Recollecting some special sweet romantic of the past Krishna is coming. He is enchanting the gopis and getting enchanted Himself as well. Exhibiting amorous frolics in this manner, Krishna, my soul, the wealth of my life is approaching.

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