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19th & 20th Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk and Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 19th Verse

Achh-vimardan kaanan-bhaani dasaanan aanan bhaan nihaaro |

Baaridnaad ankpan kumbhkaran-se kunjar kehri-baaro ||

Ram-prataap-hutaasan, kachh,bipachh, sameer sameerdulaaro |

Paapten, saapten, taap tihoonte sadaa Tulsi kahan so rakhvaaro ||

Oh Hanumanji, the slayer of Akshay Kumar ! You created havoc and destroyed the Ashok Vatika. And did not even look at the awesome energy of a brilliant warrior like Ravana or were least bothered about him.You are a lion in the prime of his youth, in crushing the frenzy of elephants like Meghnath, Akampan and Kumbhkaran.

The valour of Lord Rama acts like fire for a stack of the opposition's straws and Pavan Kumar (title of Hanuman,son of the wind god) works like the wind. The very same son of the Wind God is going to rescue Tulsidas from sins, curses and suffering, all three of them, forever.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 19th Verse

Sharanyau sarv satvaanaam shreshtthau sarv dhanush mataam I

Rakshah kul nihantaarau traayetaam no raghuttamau ||

May the ones who give shelter to all living beings, the best of the archers, the ones who destroyed the lineage of demons, Ram and Lakshman, the best of the Raghus and the sons of Dashratha protect us.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 20th Verse

Ghanakshari (polysyllabic name of a Hindi metre)

Jaanat jahaan Hanumanko nivaajyau jan,

Man anumaani, bali, bol na bisaariye |

Sevaa-jog Tulsi kabhoon kahaa chook paree,

Saheb subhaav kapi saahibee sanbhaariye ||

Apraadhee jaani keejaai saasti sahas bhaanti,

Modak maraai jo, taahi maahur na maariye |

Saahsee sameerke dulaare Raghubeerjooke,

Baanh peer Mahaabeer begi hee nivaariye ||

Oh Hanumanji ! I implore devotedly that you must not forget your promise. Consider what the world knows that the person who is a recipient of your grace is free from distress and always delighted. Oh Svami Kapiraj ! Was Tulsi worth being your sevak (attending to your needs) once ? What mistake has he made, please take control of your lordliness.

If you consider me at fault make me miserable in thousands of ways, but do not kill a person by poison if he can die by giving him laddus (a sweet consisting of balls of gram flour). Oh Mahabali (a title of Hanumanji, very powerful), courageous darling of the wind, and dear to Raghunathji! Quickly get rid of the pain in my arms.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 20th Verse

Aattasajjadhanushaa vishusprishaa vakshyaashug nishang sanginau I

Rakshnaaya mum Ram Lakshmanaa vagratah pathi sadaiv gachhtaam ||

Those who are carrying bows fitted with arrows and quivers loaded with imperishable arrows, may the same Ram and Lakshman always walk in front of me on the path, for my protection.

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