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Prem Sudha Dhara: Kaushalji

(Page 275)

Shri Hari

Shri Vrindavan Dhaam

28th October 1969

Dear Kaushal,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

Intuitively I often remember several domesticated women like you; your disregard of convention and open desire for Krishna. I can very well understand your predicament; highly restrictive social constraints and the burden of responsibilities. Longing to accordingly correspond with all of you but can't even on wishing to do so. Kindly overlook my plight with your generous affection. Compared to your loving kindness, I fail hundred percent while reciprocating.

Even so, I entreat the supremely goodhearted and solely affectionate Yugal Sarkar (divine couple, Shri Radha-Krishna) to steep all of us in the selfless love of their nectarine feet; instinctively washing away the delayed distance in the terrifying rush of love. We are all one, is knowledge that we share; sheltered under the protective canopy of the Lord. May this conception transform into an implicit belief. Complete absorption in the of love of the dark-skinned god and fair-complexioned Radha, ends all sorrows and burdens of convention.

Duties and actions should be carried out competently as far as possible. Deal with everyone in an affectionately friendly manner without irritation. No longer in search of self-gratification,continue praying to beloved Shri Radha-Krishna that they should not let us go astray. Concentrating our attentive focus on them ,charms us. The world will remain the way it is and run in the same motion. Then, why must we change! Here is wishing that living in the mundane world we do not become a part of it but belong to our YugalaRadhya, solely their own.

Sootji and Vijay had made a small beautiful square-shaped arbour. Darshan's Yugal Sarkar and Kapoor's Shri Shri Gopal were also here. Getting up from the pedestal, the supremely ravishing Radha-Madhav along with their family ventured to the square thicket of creepers, through the open courtyard. Pada gaan and kirtan or songs of a devotional nature were on from quarter past eight to quarter past eleven. Pushpa, Darshan and Narang sang the padas (verses). Sarlaji also sang one. The next day Thakurji went up for some time and all of them sang padas. Did you also go to attend some kirtan?

29th October 1969, yesterday the shangar was pink-hued. Today the dresses are very old, sky blue moonlight with the yellow and blue adornment looking adorable. The mukut (diadem) and chandrika (veil) are very showy these days.

The Kartik month (eighth month of the Hindu lunar year, October-November) has begun from this purnima (the night or day of full moon). Contemplating on Shri Yamuna in the morning while having a bath, do namaskar (respectful salutation)which grants the blessings of a bath in the holy river. Soon after kirtan we go and take a dip in the Yamuna. Coming back, we bathe Shri Shri Thakurji and do his shangar or adornment.

I will write a pada in honour of Shri Yamunaji and end the letter.

Yamune! Piya ko bas tum keenhe.

Prem ke phand te gheri rakhe,

Nikat aise nirmol mool leene tum jo padhavat,

Tahan ab dhavat, nishidin tihare ras rang bheene

'Daas Parmanand' paya ab Brajchand param udar Yamunaji deene.

The divine play of Shri Yamuna's grandeur and her propitiation is contained in this concise verse. Hey Yamune! Shyam Sunder is completely under your have bound him in your love noose. He ventures wherever you send him and is steeped in your passionate joy, day in and day out. With your grace, this devotee of yours can attain union with the divine, a fruition of your generosity.

With lots of love.

Yours Bobo

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