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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Shloka Ninety-one

gharmankurah kim api gumphati krishna-devah  ||91||
Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Strings a Garland

The ineffable beauty of Lord Krishna is enhanced by grasping Shri Radha's hair in a love duel and ornamented by saffron spots marking Her bosom, which are now scattered over His own body. Furthermore, His beauty is enhanced by drops of perspiration playing on the mirror like orbs of His cheeks. Such a Krishna is stringing a garland which is inexpressible in words.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Rasa Lila

Shri Billavmangalji Maharaj is glimpsing the Rasa Lila in which Lord Krishna is flirtatiously trying to grasp Shri Radha's braid which is swinging as She dances.Therein a love duel commences amidst the playful attempts of the romantic dalliance, in which they are mutually embracing each other. Shri Radha's sindoor, chandan, kumkum and all the embellishments decking Her body, have been scattered and smear every limb of Krishna's. The 'deva,' who is fond of dallying is extremely delighted and smiling faintly. Pearl like beads of perspiration start glimmering on the mirror like orbs of His cheeks.The majestic Krishna, fond of playful dalliances, is stringing a unique garland which is inexpressible in words: kim api gumphati krishna devah.

The Love Play of Shri Radha-Krishna

Steeped in the sakhi bhava Shri Lilashuk is beside himself with joy on seeing the mischievous Shiromani's flirtatious love play. He saw-what did he see? Just look at the Supreme Lover grasping Shri Radha's hair because of being in an impassioned state.One doesn't know how this interpersonal romantic exchange took place that the fresh saffron paste applied on their sensuous bodies was scattered and thus their lovely bodies became all the more enhanced with charm.One doesn't know why the sakhi's gaze is focused on the lovely body of dark-hued Krishna that is why he does not describe Shri Radha in particular. The sakhi just saw the Supreme Lover was up to doesn't know what?

Shri Radha Resists Krishna's Loving Overtures

 Shri Radha, adept in the art of romantic dalliances,  wanted to stop the advances of impassioned Krishna. She caught hold of His hands but is it a simple matter to be able to stop Krishna, longing to savour rasa. First of all He is masculine and that too extremely strong-and there is unrestrained naughtiness pervading every limb of His at that time. Highly proficient Shri Kishoriji is making Him yearn more and more to savour rasa. He is becoming all the more eager to relish rasa by this endeavour of Her's and is bent on doing what He pleases, as per His heart's desire.

Love Duel of Shri Radha-Krishna

The negative affirmation of beloved Radha has left Krishna, extremely exhausted. The charming signs of this love duel have marked His lovely tender body. The dark-hued-body is sparkling due to  beads of perspiration arising because of exhaustion. One doesn't know how different spots have marked the dark-hued body of the darling son of Nanda in this exchange of reward and punishment. The musky spots marking Shri Radha's bosom and Her cheeks are scattered in that exhausting love play. Furthermore, this capricious black bee Krishna relished this dishevelled state in such a way that they left a mark on His limbs as well. His face became all the more sweet and intoxicating with the beads of perspiration strewn over His smooth tender cheeks. Stepping out of the cyclical motions of exertion and rest, the mischievous Supreme Lover became engrossed in some new playful dalliance. The flirtatious Lover readied some garland. Which garland?It is tough to say which sort of a garland?

Shri Radha Becomes the Flute & Shri Krishna Her Garland

By saying kim api gumphati the sakhi has mislead us. You never know, Shri Radha may have become the flute whereas the dark-hued flute player Krishna may have become Her garland 'bhaye murlidhar mala '. How would the twining of Krishna's embracing arms be? Contained in this embrace, shyly embarrassed, Shri Radha with face tilted downwards and turned to one side,jhuki mukh mor maror kare with Krishna compressing Her limbs in His tight embrace ' barjore lai ank kishor kasi ', it is such an exotic beautiful scene. You never know this mischievous heart-stealer  would be stringing the embellishments marking His beloved's bosom with His own colour of love?

You never know Krishna may be freshly stringing together the extraordinary flirtatious necklace of emeralds instead of the necklace of precious stones-or imagining the garland of extremely fragrant blue lotuses instead of the divine jasmine flower garland? Is this a garland of flowers, or a necklace of jewels and pearls, or a string of ecstatic waves surging in the romantic dalliance?

Enhanced by a fresh beauty, the impassioned Shri Krishna has strung a necklace of the madhur bhava, the sentiment of sweet romance, which is inexpressible in words.

 Krishna Vanquished by the Gopis

 Vanquished by the laughter and merriment of the gopis,the tenderly mysterious Krishna is stringing a necklace of unprecedented episodes with the purpose of making them triumph.

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