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39th & 40th Dohas of Uttar Kand


sunahu asamtanha kera subhåu, bhulehu° samgati karia na kåu |

tinha kara samga sadå dukhadåi, jimi kapilahi ghålai harahåi ||1||

khalanha hrdaya° ati tåpa bisesi, jarahi sadå para sampati dekhi |

jaha° kahu° nimdå sunahi paråi, harasahi manahu° pari nidhi påi ||2||

kåma krodha mada lobha paråyana, nirdaya kapati kutila malåyana |

bayaru akårana saba kåhu so°, jo kara hita anahita tåhu so° ||3||

jhuthai lenå jhuthai denå, jhuthai bhojana jhutha cabenå |

bolahi madhura bacana jimi morå, khåi mahå a hi hrdaya kathorå ||4||

Lord Rama Reveals the Traits of the Wicked

Now hear the traits of the wicked. On no account should one be associated with them; for their company always brings sorrow,

The White Milch Cow

just as a naughty cow (of evil breed) ruins a pure white cow (a simple cow giving milk) by her company. Extreme anguish resides in the hearts of the wicked; for they are forever burning at the sight of others success. Wherever they hear others being blamed, they are delighted as if they have stumbled upon a treasure lying on the road. Engrossed in sensuality, anger, arrogance and greed) they are the abodes of ruthlessness, deceit, crookedness and sins. They harbour enmity towards everyone for no reason; and even damage those who are kind to them. They lie in their dealings; falsehood is their dinner and breakfast (which means they rely on lies in business & trade and fraudulently grab the right of others. And they falsely brag of giving crores of rupees in charity after taking lakhs. In the same fashion they eat gram rotis and boast of relishing a feast while haughtily talking of having renounced grand meals. Which means they are lying in whatever they speak of).

The Peacock Devours Snakes

Just as a peacock (speaks such sweet words but is) so stone-heated that it devours the most poisonous of snakes. In the same manner they appear to speak honeyed words(but are ruthless at heart. )


para drohi para dåra rata para dhana para apabåda |

te nara på°vara påpamaya deha dhare° manujåda ||39||

Demons in the Guise of Humans

Hostile towards others, they are engrossed in enjoying others' wives, other people's wealth and slandering others. Such vile and sinful men are virtually demons disguised as humans. (39)


lobhai oRhana lobhai dåsana, sisnodara para jamapura tråsa na |

kåhu ki jau°sunahi baRåi, svåsa lehi janu juRi åi ||1||

jaba kåhu kai dekhahiÚ bipati, sukhi bhae månahu° jaga nrpati |

svåratha rata parivåra birodhi, lampata kåma lobha ati krodhi ||2||

måtu pitå gura bipra na månahi, åpu gae aru ghålahi ånahi |

karahi moha basa droha paråvå, samta samga hari kathå na bhåvå ||3||

avaguna simdhu mamdamati kåmi, beda bidusaka paradhana svåmi |

bipra droha para droha biseså, dambha kapata jiya° dhare° subeså ||4||

Yama, the God of Death

Greed is their covering sheet and greed their bedding (which means they are always surrounded by greed.) They are forever immersed in sexual enjoyment and are gluttions just like beasts. And have no fear of being punished in Yamapuri [the abode of Yama,the god of death]. If they ever hear the praise of anyone, these wicked people heave a deep sigh as if they been attacked by ague. When they find anyone in distress, they rejoice as though they have become emperors of the whole world. Devoted to their self interests, opposing their family members, licentious due to being absorbed in sensuality and greed, such people are very short-tempered.

The Brahmanas & Lord Hari

They do not revere their, mother, father, spiritual preceptor or Bråhmanas. Alongside they ruin others(because of their evil company). Overpowered by infatuation they are malicious towards others. Neither do they like the company of saints nor the tales centred on Lord Hari. They are the oceans of vice, stupid, lustful, scorn the Vedas and are forcible masters (loot) of others' wealth. In any case, they are malicious towards others, but are enemies of Bråhmanas, in particular. Their hearts abound with hypocrisy and deceit, but they assume a saintly form (outwardly.)


aise adhama manuja khala krtajuga tretå° nåhi |

dvåpara kachuka brmda bahu hoihahi kalijuga måhi ||40||

The Kali Yuga

Such base and wicked men are not present in the Satya and Tretå Yugas. There will be a few of them in the Dwapar Yuga and hordes of them will swarm the Kali Yuga. (40)

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