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The Marriage of Shri Ram & Sita, Baalkand of Shri Ram Charit Manas-3

Cau.: nayana niru hati mangala jåni,parichani karahi mudita mana råni.

beda bihita aru kula åcåru, kinha bhali bidhi saba byavahåru.1.

Vedas Being Read by Ganesha

Firmly stopping her tears since it was an auspicious occasion, Queen Sunayanå happily did arti and completed all rites prescribed by the Vedas as well as the family. The sound of Vedas being read, glories sung by family bards, shouts of triumph, blast of conches, and beat of the drums could be heard while festal songs were sung. Lovely carpets of different textures were spread on the way.

Shri Ram Seated on The Pavilion

After arti and the queen's giving of arghya (a respectful offering of water to an honoured guest in which rice, curds or milk are mixed) to Lord Råma, He proceeded to the pavilion and got seated along with the majestic Dasaratha and his followers. Bråhmans chanted the Shanti Paath appropriate for the occasion. After arghya Shri Ram was made to sit on the seat particularly reserved for Him and arti was done. Overjoyed, the women generously scattered loads of gems, clothes and ornaments (to ward off the evil eye) and sang festal songs. Disguised as brahmans, Brahmå and other gods also witnessed the spectacle.

Having gathered the offerings, barbers, torchbearers, family bards and dancers were delighted and gave their blessings.

The Majestic Grandeur of King Janaka & King Dasaratha

The relatives Janaka and Dashratha after observing the Vedic and customary norms, met each other very fondly. Seeing both the monarchs embracing each other, poets began to search for comparisons but could find none. Finally it was decided that the duo could just be likened to themselves.The gods raved that they had seen many marriages but it was only today that they saw pompous grandeur so well balanced on both sides and fathers of the bride and the bridegroom so well-matched. Hearing the deities everyone seconded their opinion.

Sage Vasistha

The pavilion had also been made in a unique and beautiful manner. Janaka worshipped sage Vasistha as if he were his own family deity

Sage Vishwamitra

whereas the paying of homage to Vishwamitra was inexpressible.

In the same way Vamadeva (another spiritual preceptor of King Dashratha) and the other sages were venerated.

Dashratha, the King of Ayodhya

Thereafter Janaka did the honours to Dashratha, the king of Ayodhya, as if he was equivalent to none other than Shiva. He admired his own fortune and rank which had been enhanced because of his relationship to Dashratha with folded hands.

Brahma. Vishnu, Shankar, Indra & Other Gods Witness the Spectacular Marriage

King Janaka worshipped all members of the bridegroom's party with the same honour as he had paid to Dashratha and assigned proper seats to them. Brahmå, Vishnu, Shankar, Indra, guardians of eight quarters of the world and the Sun God, all of whom had true knowledge of Lord Råma's glory, witnessed the spectacle in the guise of brahmans. Janaka gave them full respect without recognizing them.

The Omniscient Shri Ram

The omniscient Lord Råma identified the gods and worshipped them mentally. And like the chakor (a type of partridge supposed to live on moonbeams) their eyes were delighted to perceive the moonlike face of Ramchandra ji.

As per the orders of Vashisth ji, Shatananda gleefully went to get the daughter of Janaka.The wise queen was very pleased to hear the priest's message and called for bråhman brides and elder ladies of the family who performed the family rites and sang festal songs. Without recognizing them the queen honoured Uma, Rama and other goddesses who were naturally very beautiful and in the prime of their youth, but disguised as mortals.

Shri Sita is Innately Beautiful

Having decked themselves and singing melodiously they took the beautiful Sita to the pavilion. Innately lovely-looking Sitå seemed majestic amongst the bevy of ladies just as a woman who is beauty incarnate is enshrined amidst a gathering of picture-perfect women.

Do.: sohati banitå brmda mahu° sahaja suhåvani siya,

chabi lalanå gana madhya janu susamå tiya kamaniya.322.

Goddess Sita's Beauty Defies Description

Shri Sita's beauty defies description because her charm surpasses a poet's wit. When the bridegroom's side saw Sita, an abundance of beauty and extremely pious, approaching they respectfully greeted her in their hearts. King Dasaratha along with all his sons was also very pleased to see Sita ji.

The Gods showering Flowers

With auspicious songs, showering of flowers and other customary norms all family rites of both the sides were performed.

Goddess Gauri with Son Ganesha

The Gurus (Vasishta and Satananda) were delighted and made the bråhmans worship Goddess Gauri and Her son Ganesa.The gods appeared visibly, accepted the homage and gave their blessings. Whichever auspicious ingredients such as the madhuparka (consisting of curds, clarified butter, water,honey and sugar) were needed by the sages they were instantly presented to them by attendants in golden trays. The Sun God himself pointed out His family observances and they were all followed respectfully. Thus making Sitå worship the gods in this fashion, the sages assigned Her a beautiful throne.The tenderness with which Sitå and Råma adulated each other and their eternal love is beyond reach of the mind, intelligence and speech. It can not be expressed in any way.

Who can possibly describe the grandeur of queen Sunayana, the principal queen-consort of Janaka and the mother of Janaki? It seemed that the Creator had sculpted her by gathering all the auspicious virtues of fame, religious merit, joy and beauty. The great sages sent for her and queen Sunayanå came and stood dazzlingly on Janaka's left.

The Lotus Feet of Shri Ram

The king and queen brought gold vases on which bejewelled bowls filled with pure, scented and auspicious water were kept and placed them before Lord Råma. As the sages were reciting the sacred Vedas joyously, the royal couple adoringly beheld the Bridegroom and began to wash His holy lotus feet lovingly.The same lotus-feet which forever dwell in the heart of Lord Shankar. By thinking of them just once our inner faculties become pure and sins of the Kali Yuga are driven away.

Chhand: je parasi munibanitå lahi gati rahi jo påtakamai,

makarardu jinha ko sambhu sira sucitå avadhi sura baranai.

kari madhupa mana muni jogijana je sei abhimata gati lahai,

te pada pakhårata bhågyabhåjanu janaku jaya jaya saba kahai.2.

Ahilya Attains Salvation by the Touch of Lord Rama's Feet

Sage Gautama's wife who was a sinner attained salvation by their touch.

River Ganges Adorns Shiva's Head

Their nectarine juice in the form of river Ganges adorns Lord Sambhu's head. Ascetics transform their minds into bees and attain their desired goal by revolving around these lotus feet. It is these very feet that the most fortunate Janaka washed. Seeing this scene everyone shouted in joyous abandon.


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