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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Eighty-second Shloka

so 'yam munindra-jana-manasa-tapa-hari ,
'yam mada-vraja-vadhu-vasanapahari |
'yam tritiya-bhuvaneshvara-darpa-hari ,
'yam madiya-hridayamburuhapahari ||82||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Has Stolen the Lotus of My Heart

 It is Him who alleviated the burning pain of great sages. it is Him who stole the clothes of the impassioned wives of the cowherds of Vraja. It is Him who curbed the pride of Indra, lord of the heavenly realm. It is Him who has stolen the lotus of my heart.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Supreme Lover Krishna 

 Shri Billavmangalji Maharaji is looking at the Supreme Lover standing in front of him. Playing the flute from a distance, He is advancing towards him. Who is He, Billamangalji asks and then answers that It is He who alleviates the burning distress of great sages.

Narada Muni Sings the Glories of Krishna

In fact, who are these great sages? There are many sages but just a few selected great sages. Narada Muni who is said to be the heart of Lord Vishnu, is a great sage. Bhagwan Vyas Dev is a great sage.Bhagwan Valmiki, Bhagwan Vashishta and others are supreme amongst sages. Sages probably feel that the entire treasure of life can be attained in the Nirveshesh or Attributeless Brahma but the above-mentioned circle of great sages are recipients of the attractive beautiful form of Krishna, the reservoir of rasa.

Bhagwan Vyasa

A question arises at this juncture that why does dissatisfaction and unrest torment the minds of great sages only? Though Bhagwan Vyasa compiled all the great vedas and composed 17 Puranas he was mentally distressed.

All of a sudden Narada came and explained to him,You have not adequately described the unblemished glory of the Supreme Lord in your works."

Child Krishna Stealing Butter

 This answered Ved Vyasa's question.Soon after, he meditated and got divine inspiration to write the Shrimad Bhagwat Purana. It is not only a huge body of literary work but a literary presentation of Krishna's vigraha or form. Now Ved Vyasa's soul was at peace and his heart was passionately absorbed in the lilas or playfull dalliances of Krishna.

Sage Vashishta Relishes the Lilas of Lord Rama

 Shri Vashisht ji relished the wonderful lilas of Lord Rama. No worldly suffering can bring pain to great sages. Relishing the rasa-laden lilas of the Lord is their only desire. Playing the vina, Shri Narada roams in Vraja as he sings the glories of Hari. He longs to relish the divine play of Krishna, and even manages to catch a glimpse of Dwarka lila.Thus, dark-hued Krishna alleviates the emotional distress of great sages and fulfils their ardent longing.

so 'yam mada-vraja-vadhu-vasanapahari:

Krishna Steals the Gopis' Clothes

Is He the same Supreme Lover who steals the clothes of haughty Vraja maidens, walking affectedly with intoxication?Swindling their clothes is just an excuse. Actually He has to delight them in His love. It is a preamble to fulfil their eternal longing of sporting with Him in the coming autumnal nights.

so 'yam tritiya-bhuvaneshvara-darpa-hari 

Indra's Pride is Humbled by Krishna

 He is the same Govinda who destroyed the pride of Indra. The residents of Vraja stopped the yagya of Indra and worshipped Giriraj instead. Infuriated by this act of theirs Indra flooded the whole of Vraja in water. However, Krishna lifted Giriraj on His little finger for seven days at a stretch and protected Vraja. Indra was dumbstruck and wanting to present the divine cow Kamdhenu cow to Krishna, he fell at His feet. Thereafter, performing Krishna's abhishek he gave Him the name of Govinda.

so 'yam madiya-hridayamburuhapahari

Krishna Has Stolen the Lotus of My Heart

He is the same One who has stolen the lotus of my heart. He has established control over my heart. Stealing my heart, my Master is advancing towards me. Above all, He is the thief who has stolen my entire being.

vraje prasiddham navanita-cauram
gopangananam ca dukula-cauram
cauragraganyam purusam namami |

Krishna Steals the Sins of His Devotees

 'I offer pranama to that foremost of thieves-who is famous in Vraja as the butter-thief and who steals the gopisclothes, and who, for those who take shelter of Him, steals the sins which have accrued over many lifetimes.'

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