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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' One Hundred & Eleventh Shloka

dhanyanam sarasanulapa-sararii-saurabhyam abhyasyatam ,
vivareshu kam api sudhavristtim duhanam muhuh |
sudrisham mano-nayanayor magnasya devasya nah ,
vacasam vijrimbhitam aho krishnasya karnamritam  ||111||

Simple Meaning:

Krishna-Karnamrita is Nectar for Krishna's Ears

 Repeatedly pouring a shower of nectar into the ear-holes of those fortunate Krishna bhaktas who relish, through repetition, the fragrance of its waves of poetic sweetness, this ‘Krishna- Karnamrita,’ an embodiment of the flirtatious nature of Krishna, who is sunk deep in the minds and eyes of the beautiful-eyed gopis, surges in our voices and ears. 

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna is Contained in the Eyes of Gopis

This poetic composition ‘Karnamrita’ of our worshippable deity Krishna who is contained in the eyes of Braj Gopis, delights our voices and ears. Furthermore, it is like a shower of nectar for the ear-holes of those eminent devotees who are passionate about listening to the charming tale of Nikunj Mohan and relishing its fragrance through repetition.

Lord Krishna Blesses Billavmangalji

Lord Krishna was pleased to hear the sweet words of Shri Billavmangalji and accepted the prayer of Shri Lilashuk by saying ‘tathastu’(so be it).Amazed at the good fortune of his voice, Shri Billavmangalji raved,” I am so highly fortunate that the bouquet of sentences in my composition are like nectar for Krishna’s ears.

Krishna Attracts Everyone

“My words are attracting the One, whose very name is Krishna, who passionately draws everyone, brings great joy to everybody, dallies with everyone, is the treasure trove of kalas, is Rasik Shekhar desirous to relish rasa, and giving joy to Him. That is why His mind and eyes are getting immersed in my work. His delighted countenance is making me joyous, How fortunate am I! "

 Krishna-Karnamrita Showers Nectar into the Devotee's Ears

“This voice of ‘Karnamrita’ is not merely delighting Krishna but showering nectar into the ears gopis in Shri Vrindavan, the treasure trove of romantic dalliances. How astonishing is this fact!
“In addition, these words are showering an extraordinary unusual nectar into the ears of those loving devotees who are steeped in the rasa of Krishna bhava. Those rasikas are pious souls.

Shri Radhe-Krishna

“The work will bring joy to even those rasikas who relish through repetition the sweet traits of Shri Radha-Krishna, the Supreme Lover and His Beloved. Oh! This is the outcome of Krishna’s marvellous grace otherwise how did this incapable person have such energy! Oh! My astonishing good fortune!”says Shri Billavmangalji.

 Billavmangalji's Work is Named 'Krishna-Karnamrita'

Three meanings are expressed in this particular shloka
1) Naming of this literary work as ‘Krishna-karnamrita’
2) Describing the greatness of this composition because the bhakta and God can both relish its sweet rasa.
3)The work is a garland of verses and the basic svarupa of the pranas, the very lives, of the upasakas of madhur rasa.

Shri Krishna & His Beloved Devotee

Shri Krishna Das Kaviraj Goswami Pada says that Lord Krishna predicted,” O Lilashuk! This ‘Krishna-Karnamrita’ composed by You, will be like nectar for Me and my Beloveds, and for my charming passionate devotees, there is no doubt about this fact, even so I am saying ‘tathastu’ or ‘So be it!’ in answer to your prayer.
On hearing what Krishna had to say Lilashuka is extremely delighted, reason being that what could be more joyful than the fact that Krishna Himself was praising his work?

“Lord! Your bhaktas have forever been pleased by the wave of Your rasa-laden fragrant bhakti-what’s new about this?” Lilashuka says in response.

Shrimad Bhagwat Gita

 You have stated in the ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Gita’ with Your auspicious mouth:

Machhita Madgatprana Bodhyantah Parasparam
Kathyantasch maa nityam tushyanti ch ramanti ch  

‘With their minds fixed on Me, and their lives surrendered unto Me; enlightening one another about My greatness and speaking of Me, My devotees ever remain contented and take delight in Me.’ (10.9)

Shri Means Shri Radha

 Shri Bhatta Goswami Pada has comprehended the study as ‘Shri Krishna-Karnamrita’ instead of Krishna’s Karnamrita. He further goes on to describe,” O Rasikas! In Shri Krishna-Karnamrita which is our bouquet of verses, Shri means Shri Radha. Relish this ‘Karnamrita’ which is relishable like nectar for Krishna’s ears. Its charming repetition is the path which contains the fragrance of delighting in Krishna’s flirtatious nature. The eyes and minds of gopis dallying in Vrindavan are deeply immersed in Him, this work is showering nectar into the ear-holes of that very.Krishna.

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