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Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtak: Introduction & Chaupais 1-4

Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ashtak, is a song in Hindi of a devotional nature dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Sankatmochan Hanuman Ashtakam was written by Goswami Tulsidas, a great devotee of Hanumanji. Ashtak or Ashtakam, literally means eight and the prayer consists of eight chaupais or quatrains in praise of Lord Hanuman, ending with a doha. In temples enshrining Lord Hanuman, the Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak is invariably chanted after the Hanuman Chalisa (forty chaupais on Hanuman.)

Baal samai ravi bhakshi liyo tab, teenahu loka bhayo andhiyaro |

Taahi so traas bhayo jag ko, yah sankat kaahu so jaakobh7uht na taaro |

Dewan aani kari bintee tab, chaadhi diyo ravi kasht niwaaro |

Ko nahin jaanat hai jag mein kapi sankat mochan naam tihaaro||1||

Baba Hanuman Leaping towards the Sun

Oh valiant svami Hanumanji! When you were a child you kept the sun in your mouth assuming it to be a fruit because of which darkness overcast all the three lokas (cosmological regions.)The entire world was terrified of this condition and no one could rectify this miserable plight.Disappointed from all sides, the deities came and requested You. And You released the sun.In this manner the crisis was overcome. Oh Kapi!Who in this world is not aware of the fact that your name is a dispeller of impediments.

Baali ki traas kapees basai giri, jaat mahaaprabhu panth nihaaro |

Chownki mahaa muni saap diyo tab chahiy kaun bichaar bichaaro |

Kai dwij roop liwaay mahaa prabhu so tum daas ke sok niwaaro ||2||

Ko nahin jaanat hai jag mein kapi sankat mochan naam tiharo ||

Hanuman meets Lord Rama & Gets Him to Sugriva

Sugrīva used to live in hiding in a mountain because he was terrified of Bali. He saw Lord Rama coming and sent you to find out about Him.You assumed the form of a brahman and meeting Rama, brought him along.By this act you got rid of Sugriva's fear and grief. Who is there in this world oh Hanumana, who is not aware that your name is the eliminator of obstacles.

Angad ke sang lain gaye siya, khoj kapees yah baain uchaaro |

jeevat na bachihau hum son ju, bina sudhi laay ehaan pagu dhaaro ||

Hayri thake tatt sindhu sabaai tab laay siya-sudhi praan ubaaro ||3||

Ko nahin jaanat hai jag mein kapi sankat mochan naam tiharo ||

Shri Hanuman finds Sita, the daughter of Janaka

When the troops of monkeys was setting off in search of Sita along with Angad,Sugriva had warned that whosoever came back without finding Sita, his life would not be spared. Even after extensively scouting around when they could not get any clue of Sita,the monkeys were disheartened and sat on the coast of the ocean.That is when you found the whereabouts of Sita and saved the lives of the monkeys.In this world, who does not know oh Kapi, that You are the remover of hindrances!

Raavan traas dayee siya ko sab, raakshashi so kahi sok nivaaro |

Taahi samay hanuman mahaprabhu, Jaay mahaa rajneechar maaro ||

Chaahat seeya asoka so aagi su, dai prabhu mudrika soka nivaaro ||4||

Ko nahin jaanat hai jag mein kapi sankat mochan naam tihaaro ||

Ravana Pesters Sita

Oh Mahaveer (greatly valiant) Hanumanji!Rāvana petrified Sitaji and troubled her. He ordered all the demonesses to persuade Sita in surrendering to him.That is precisely when you reached and killed several demons who were warriors.Sitaji asked the Ashoka Tree for fire so that she could burn herself to ashes.

Hanuman gives Lord Rama's Ring to Sita

But at that very moment you dropped the signet ring of Rama so that Her anxiety was dispelled. In this world,oh Kapi, who is not aware that your name is the remover of hindrances!

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