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'Lokpavan Bhaijee Shri Hanuman Prasad ji Poddar'-II

Shri Hanuman Prasad ji Poddar's Literary Compositions

Through Shri Hanuman Prasad ji Poddar, Hindi Literature got a new treasury of original words. His compositions in prose and verse are milestones in their own particular field. In which apart from his 'Pada Ratnakar,' a compilation of poems, 'Radha-Madhav Chintan', 'Prem Darshan', 'Bhagwan Shri Krishna Ki Madhur Bal Lilaen', 'Venu Geet', 'Shri Raas Panchadhyayi ','Yajna-Patniyon Par Kripa', 'Vraj Bhaav Ki Upasna', Kaaliya Naag Par Kripa', 'Shri Bharat Charitra', 'Ras Aur Anand', 'Prema Ka Svaroop' and 'Prem Aur Premi', are the best known of his works in verse.

Special Editions of 'Kalyan'

Besides this there is an extensive reserve of his literary works in prose. Some of his compositions have been translated into several languages of the world. Eighty-five special editions of 'Kalyan' edited by Bhaijee, are an encyclopedia in their own right. He got our religous texts which could not be grasped by the common man, translated and made so very easily available for mankind. Having them published in plenty, Bhaijee had them delivered to every corner of the world so that they were safe-guarded for long times to come.

Shri Sitaramdas Omkarnath ji

That is why saint Shri Sitaramdas Omkarnath ji,the famed saint of Bengal wrote, 'The lila or divine play of unprecedented propagation of the Shastras (scriptures) and dharma (religion) which our Almighty has done with the support of Shri Poddar Baba's body, has never been done before and can never happen in the future. Controlling the heart of Poddar ji, the Supreme Being was doing this task Himself. Publicity of such magnitude of Hindu scriptures and Hindu religion can not be done by a person who is proud of his human form.'

Bhaijee Served the Sanatan Dharma

Spreading the word of scriptures centred on the Sanatan Dharma and the plan of its protection in the coming times, is like safe-guarding the Sanatan Dharma, in a way, which can only be undertaken by avataras or incarnations of God. 'tvatah sanatano dharmo rakshyate tanubhistav' (Shrimad Bhagvatam 3/16/18) Shri Hanuman Prasad ji Poddar's service to the Hindi language and the Sanatan Dharma will be a source of inspiration to people for yugas or ages to come. (Lokpavan Bhaijee Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, pages 13-14)


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