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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita ': Second Shloka

asti svastaruni-karagra-vigalat-kalpa-prasuna-plutam
vastu prastuta-venu-nada-lahar-inirvana-nirvyakulam  |
hasta-nyasta-natapavargam akhilodaram kisorakriti  ||2||

  Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna is the Very Essence of Vrindavana

There is an  entity who looks like a youthful boy. He is being showered with kalpataru flowers falling from the fingertips of aspararas.That carefree young boy is in a state of eternal bliss. He stands transfixed, delighted by the melodious strains of the flute and sways joyously, hungry for love. He is surrounded by thousands of beautiful milkmaids who appear so very attractive as they try to hold up their garments which are becoming loose over and over again (due to the ecstasy of hearing Krishn'a flute play). The young boy who grants the joy of release from rebirth to  devotees who have surrendered to Him and who is supremely generous- such an adolescent Lord Krishna is the sole object, the very essence of Shri Vrindavana.

The Rasa-Laden Commentary:

Glorifying Krishna, Shri Bilavmangal ji has saluted HIm in the first shloka and said that He fulfills all our desires.

Lord Krishna Assuages our Painful Suffering

In the second shloka he points out that Krishna is an entity. Eagerly desirous for darshan, Shri Bilavmangal is advancing on the spiritual path. It seems as if the Vaishnavas of his time are asking him which extraordinary entity resides in Vrindavan because of which you are going there. He answers that Krishna is the only one who is resplendent in Shri Vrindavan. All other living beings inflict tapas or sufferings whereas that entity assuages pain, is auspicious and confers our well being.

Shri Gopal Bhatt Goswami Pada says: His hands, face, feet and other parts are all exquisite forms which give joy. Thus He does not decay, is eternally charming, always of the same age age, one svarupa, constantly Kishore or youthful and transcendental. A symbol of divinity, He is the munificent Supreme Being. There are several incarnations of Vishnu but there is no other svarupa except Krishna who makes trees-creepers, and even the flora and fauna loot His love.

 Bilavmangal ji is Eagerly Desirous to Catch a Glimpse of Krishna'

Singing of the lilas of Krishna, Shri Bilavmangal ji is lovestruck and becomes eagerly desirous for Krishna's darshan...He  says: In Vrindvana, on the banks of the Yamuna, beneath the Vanshi Vata, dressed in yellow garments, wearing the mormukut, placing one foot on the other, in the tribhanga mudra, balancing the flute on slightly tender hollowed hands, playing its mellifluous notes by running His fingers on its seven air holes, Krishna stands radiant, passionately drawing the Braj beauties for a romantic dalliance and dance.

 The Gopis Move in a Delicious Anguish to Krishna

It is the sound of the flute which makes the gopis ardently long for him, their passions are aroused, they cast off the refrains of family duties and run in delicious anguish for union with Krishna, the ocean of love. The dams of highly restrictive social conventions and the constraints of decency and honour break down, and the heart's refrains do not matter...

And now the bonds of body and clothing also break down. This is the true nature of Krishna's love, all the bonds are crushed, the instant it bursts forth.

The Gopis Surround Krishna at the Vanshi Vata

The gopis reach the Vanshi Vata and surround Lord Krishna from all sides. As it is the enchanting flute had slackened their constrictions and now on relishing the intoxicating nectar of Madan Mohan's(a title of Krishna, an infatuator of the god of love) beauty, the gopis swoon in religious rapture.

Imbibing the shringara bhava, the peak of human emotions, they become pure and bright all over, and look distinctly beautiful. The gopis are equally tender in expressing and experiencing their love for Krishna and enhance the beauty of Krishna, the Rasraj of Shringara, by reflecting his madhurya in equal measure.

The Supreme Lover Krishna Dallies with a Gopi

Krishna, the symbol of divinity who grants mukti to devotees who want to be released  from the cycle of birth and death, is the One who frees these cowherdesses from all bonds. He grants them the delight of sporting with Him as the supreme lover and grants transcendental love of the highest order to these beloveds.

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