Thursday, September 29, 2011

A,B,C & D Dohas of Uttar Kand

Doha: A

rahå eka dina avadhi kara ati årata pura loga |

jaha° taha° socahi nåri nara krsa tana råma biyoga || A ||

The Residents of Ayodhya Wait Impatiently for Lord Rama

Only one day of the period (of Rama's return) was left and therefore the people of the city were very impatient. Men and women who had weakened due to separation from Lord Rama, were deep in thought all over the place (as to why Lord Rama had not arrived yet and what could be the matter.)

Doha: B

saguna hohi sumdara sakala mana prasanna saba kera |

prabhu ågavana janåva janu nagara ramya cahu° phera || B||

Ayodhya Looked Ethereal From All Angles

Auspicious omens began to take place in the meantime and everyone was delighted at heart. The city also looked lovely from all angles. It seemed as if the auspicious signs were pointing towards the Lord's arrival.


kausalyådi måtu saba mana anamda asa hoi |

åyau prabhu sri anuja juta kahana cahata aba koi || C ||

Kausalya, Overjoyed at her Son's Return

Kausalya and the other mothers were so overjoyed within as if someone wanted to tell them right now that Lord Ramchandra had come with Sita and Laksman.

Doha: D

bharata nayana bhuja dacchina pharakata bårahi båra |

jåni saguna mana harasa ati låge karana bicåra || D ||

Bharata is Ecstatic at Lord Ramchandra's Arrival

Bharat's right eye and right arm throbbed over and over again. Identifying this to be a lucky omen, he was ecstatic and began contemplating.

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