Sunday, November 11, 2012

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Twenty-first Shloka

stoka-stoka-nirudhyamana-mridula-prasyandi-manda-smitam   |
shrotum shrotra-mano-haram vraja-vadhu-lila-mitho-jalpitam
mithya-svapam upasmahe bhagavatah kridani-milad-drishah  

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Pretends to Be Sleeping

Shri Bilavmangal ji Maharaj says that I worship the Lord's deceptive sleep. Even on being awake Lord Krishna is falsely pretending to be asleep with eyes closed because He is keen to hear the sportive and enchanting love stories of Braj gopis. His tenderly budding slight smile is obvious but He is trying to restrain it. Every fiber of His being stands on end due to the ecstatic thrill of sprouting love. We worship such a mischievous Krishna who keeps His eyes closed.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Gopis Spot Shri Radha-Krishna in a Nikunja

The day has dawned.Nagarmani Nandnandan, the darling son of Nanda, is lying down on His bed with eyes closed as if He is actually sleeping. A smile is budding on His tender lips but the clever Shiromani ineffectively tries to keep it bound in His lips.These Braj maidens very well know all the passionate mysteries of His amorous secrets; they are extremely adept in detecting them. And before you know these Braj beauties, knowledgeable in the mysterious love play of Krishna begin describing His secret trysts.” Sakhi! You remember that day when we hid in the arbour overgrown with creepers and saw this Brajraj, the clever Shiromani.

Lord Krishna Adores the Lotus Feet of Shri Radha

He was worshipping and adoring the lotus feet of Shri Radhika, His most beloved sakhi, in so many ways:”dekhyo duryo vah kunjkuteer mein baitho palotath radhika panyan” One doesn't know what all this handsome Rasika, adept in the art of romantic dalliances, was asking for while applauding Priyaji's feet. He knows all the ways and means of winning over Priyaji. When Kishori Radhika, the pride of love, rippled by His passionat advances, rejected Him with Her nectarous voice, this supreme lover sang Her glories in various ways and humbly requested Her. Placing His flute and mor mukut at Her lotus feet, He entreated Her and spoke flattering words to Her. Even when she did not agree He placed His head at Her lotus feet. When He saw that Priyaji was inclined and there was tenderness in Her gaze and a smile played on her lips, the Rasik Shekhar posited Her lotus feet on His wide chest,

The Lotus Feet of Shri Radha are Adulated by Krishna, the Supreme Lover

Laughing He exulted, “I have got You by seeking refuge in these lotus feet that is why I am seating them on a pedestal.” At times showering nectar on them He said, “ Priye, you only tell you! Why should I not irrigate them? I have got the fruit of sweet love from you because of serving them.” Then Kishori placed Her lotus hand on His lips as the supreme lover was about to say something...accumalating rasa from the lotus hand, laughing gently He placed that lotus hand on His chest and raved, “ You have seen now. How I am getting fruition by praying to Your lotus feet.”

Ma Yashoda with Baby Krishna

Hearing the passionate conversation of the beautiful gopis, Krishna tried to hide Himself, but did not succeed. The smile turned into laughter and splashed forth-the mystery of some secret romantic tale coulc not remain hidden. It so happened that some Braj maidens came to His mother at that point of time. Actually they had come to Him. While talking to His Maiya their gaze was repeatedly fixed on the moonlike face of this deceitful sleeper. And then forgetting everything they get absorbed in raving abou this darling son of Nanda, the essence of their lives. They stopped talking to His mother and  discussed Him amongst themselves-

The Tryst of Lord Krishna with Some Fortunate Gopi

Hearing the amorous conversation of the Braj beautires, Krishna was thrilled with ecstasy-even on being self sufficient a smile played on His red lips and He did not succeed in hiding it. His bodily hair stood on end on His blue-hued frame and were clearly visible. The gopikas alluded to His lovelorn state  and come to know of the entire strategy. The beautiful gopis said, “Just look Beer! At the tender lipls resembling a half-opened blossom and just watch how the line of hair above His navel is standing on end. He has certainly amassed the joy of the whole body and this ecsatic state is its outcome. This mischievous sleeper has spoken of some secret romantic dalliance with some fortunate gopi and has had several talks of loving trysts laden with joyous abandon and laughter with her.

Bilavmangal ji Wants Blue-hued Krishna to Reside in His Heart

Steeped in the sakhi bhava ( of sweet and total commitment and love for Krishna) Shri Bilavmangal ji says that we worship the pretentious sleep of that blue-hued ineffably beautiful Krishna.

Ah-Ah! May our minds and lives be loaded with this sweet image of abundant beauty-may this radiant nectar be absorbed in every fiber of our being and may it steep every limb of our body in its nectarous gush.


Minakshi Aggarwal said...

May These Feet of priyaji remain in our heart forever as shown & described in this shloka.Jinki vandna
Woh khud kar rahe hain yehi Charan aaj Deepawali ke din hum par bhi kripa karein.Yahi charan to vandniye
hain aaj ke parva par.

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the post for shloka 20th doesnt exist, please fix it.

HariHarji said...

I have posted the 20th shloka. It had got deleted due to some technical error.