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'Shri Krishna-Karnamrita:' Seventieth Shloka

andolitagra-bhujam akula-lola-netram-
vilocana-rasayanam abhyupaiti ||70||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Walks Towards His Beloved

 The same Krishna who wears a crown of peacock feathers and whose body is adorned with many tinkling ornaments, is coming towards me. The One whose forearms are swinging and whose eyes move restlessly as they ardent long for love,whose lotus face moistens like the moon and displays a a tender sentimental smile.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Billavmangalji Gazes at Lord Krishna

 (It seems as if hidden amidst a dense cluster of tree 'Shri Billavmangal Maharaj is gazing at Lord Krishna from a distance).His eyes are fixed on the Supreme Lover. Yearning to taste rasa and relish that elixir of rasa, he is mesmerized and exults "andolitagra-bhujam." Just look, the Supreme Lover's forearms are swinging, those tender creeper like arms are swinging like lotus stalks.

Supreme Lover Krishna Spots Shri Radha

 Self-oblivious, why is this blue-hued Youth advancing with such passion? Probably, He has spotted Shri Radhika, His heart's beloved, somehwere nearby. His pair of arms are longing to hug Shri Radha, an incarnation of His love, to bind Her in His love noose for relishing some inexpressible joy. Not only this... His eyes are also becoming eagerly desirous and move restlessly... probably it is unbearable for Him to tolerate this arm's length distance; a long time seems to have lapsed since Krishna would have met His beloved that is why those wide pointed eyes are impatient now... Even the eyes are becoming a bit moist due to the dampness of restlessness, the weight of love pangs, a craving to relish the rasa of divine love, and what not! Swinging creeper like arms and rolling moist eyes,the mischievous Krishna has readied these snares to attract His beloved Radha. Despite this the clever Shiromani1, this Kamini Kant2 is not content.

Lord Krishna is Compared to the Lotus & Moon

 Shri Billavmangalji has called the auspicious face of Krishna a' lotus' and 'halo of the moon' simultaneously. Actually speaking, the lotus and moons are opponents, but how can any sort of opposition confront Him. Therefore, the 'lotus' and 'moon' both merge together and a joyous romantic dalliance and budding laughter incarnate from His holy face. The moisture of love seems to be cascading from every fibre of His. Truly! How can the heart of a maiden not lose its calm in such a state? Which young woman would not yearn to be submerged in that moisture.

Lord Krishna's Sweet Smile

madhu gandhi mridusmitmetdaho, madhur, madhur: Shri Billavmangalji has himself said that Krishna's tender smile brimming with the fragrance of honey is sweet, is sweet, is sweet.

Krishna Attracts the Bumblebee Eyes of Shri Radha

 So that lotus face scented with the beauty of madhurya and 'fragrant smile', is inviting beloved Radha's bumblebee eyes. This lotus face is also like the halo of the moon. Its moonbeams which bestows coolness is urging us to call it the 'moon.'

The Cool Moonlike Face of Krishna

 chandrakoti susheetalam: There is so much coolness on His face that on looking at it the suffering of ages, the anguish of separation from Him, is pacified. Nectar constantly cascades from Krishna, the moon...Its coolness pervades the heart of nature which also becomes flirtatious, longing to relish some rasa. Therefore, how can these Braj maidens, inflamed with passion by the moistness of this blue-hued Moon's nectareous smile, be patient...on finding that Krishna,the dark-hued moon is standing in front.Truly! This face of His, is a lotus and a the same time.

Tinkling Ornaments of dark-hued Krishna

 'shishjana'-bhushana:All of a sudden the tinkling sound of Lord Krishna's ornaments draw our eyes, hearts and souls. These ornaments are substituting for The sound of the ornaments is suggestive of His sweet words and His melodious flute play.

A Peacock Feather Flutters on Krishna's Head

 A peacock feather flutters on Krishna's head, it seems that the plume is inflaming the yearning of His beloveds. Devoid of lust, this peacock plume , the head ornament of the Supreme Lover is impelling us to a new lust which is the zenith of spiritual awareness. He seems to be giving a fresh message to his beloveds...drawing them to Himself dark-hued Krishna seems to be powerfully inspiring them to gather the joy of His closeness.

The Supreme Lover is Keen to Relish Rasa

  This form of the Supreme Lover which ardently longs for love, His particular mannerisms and wide pair of eyes are eager to relish and make his beloveds relish rasa or the rapture of divine love. His wide pair of eyes, the tinkling sound of His ornaments, the fluttering beauty of the peacock plume...and above all yuvati jan man phandana ,the net which was spread out to draw the beautiful maidens. Truly, these large lotus eye are like a steadfast noose for the minds and hearts of young maidens.The powerful but gentle noose, swinging arms, lotus face which gets His soft fragrant smile looted, moonlike face showering rasa.

The Blue Hued Body of Krishna Draws  Braj Gopis

 Ah! I forgot to mention another overbearing noose...His rasa-laden vigraha or form...The treasure trove of beauty...this tender, lovely blue-hued body of Krishna, the unfathomable ocean of love, which draws beautiful maidens. How can anyone possibly remain in his is!

1Shiromani: Crest Jewel, a title of Krishna
2Kamini Kant: a title of Krishna, the beloved of beautiful maidens

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