Monday, May 26, 2008

Satellites prove it twice!

Dr. Uday Kant Misra, “Barely had I finished reading the fourth issue of ‘Kalyan’, a monthly publication, when on page 613 I came across some crucial information:

  • The 17,50,000 years old Sri Rameshwaram bridge's satellite image was exhibited in 1993 at the renowned Pragati Maidan of Delhi.
  • The show was organised by the National Science Centre and its Director ascertains that the above image was initially shot by American satellite Gemini-11 on 14th Dec, 1966. Later on after a span of 22 years another satellite, IRS1A, also endorsed it s existence. Houston's Johnson Space Centre dispatched these pictures to India’s National Remote Sensing Agency ( NRSA ) through the highly reputed NASA.
  • Thus I fully support the public demand of Tamil Nadu and Lord Rama’s devotees of various other States that instead of destruction , the Government of India should concentrate on spending money in constructive work; namely school-education, potable water, nutritious food, clothing, roads, good hospitals, electricity or in building new bridges, dams and power –projects.

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