Thursday, April 24, 2008

Diary 7 of Divine Great Saint Ushaji: 4pm to 8pm

As of now I proceed to enlighten you about Great Saint Ushaji's regime after 4 pm every day at the holy Dham of Vrindavan.

4pm was fixed as the assembly-time of all Aunties. Excitedly they reported the past 24 hours activities to Saint Ushaji and similarly She would brief them on what had happened during the day. Often, She shared a heavenly incidence which Thakurji would have performed in the previous day.

Vijay Bhaiya

It was but natural for all in the parikar to look forward to this 4 pm meeting as Saint Ushaji, Susheelaji & Vijayji were the only ones present. Off and on some kids, a visitor calling on Saint Ushaji and I would be there. So at 4pm, the rest of their religious group met each other enthusiastically, greeting each other with "Jai Ram Ji Ki".

Soon after all the Aunties had gathered, probably about ten to twelve of them, Yamunaji Stuti began:--

Sri Yamuna Stuti


And do you know who compiled it ? Our own Saint Ushaji ! The assembly continued unabated, with an interesting leela or katha being narrated by Susheelaji or Dulari Bahinji .

Spirited Antics of Lord Krishna

In case there were a whole lot of children, makhan-chori leelas and many other childhood pranks of Lord Krishna were dwelt upon with joyous abandon.

If no outsiders had dropped in and only Sadhus and Aunties were present, an Antrang leela from SAKHAJI was read out. SAKHAJI is a divinity of Gaulok, who had initially appeared in the form of a vision before Saint Ushaji -Bahinji on Her birthday.(30thJuly,1954). The divinity had begun imparting Lord Sri Krishna leelas to the innermost circle of devotees popularly known as 'Parikar'.

With Lord Shiva's month Sawan being on, Sri Shiv Stuti followed by'Jatah Katah' was read out respectfully. More so if it happened to be a Monday.

During Sawan, jhoolna-pads were recited, in Basant it was the Basant-pads, for Holi many Holi songs were sung and so on and so forth.

Sri Radhashtami

During the course of Janmashtmi, Radhashtami, Ramnaumi, Shivratri, kirtans of Krishnaji, Radhaji,Ramji and Shivji lent a melodious flavour.

To put it simply the program from 4pm to 6 pm was at large dependent on festivals and seasons.. After the distribution of Bhog all Aunties were free to disperse and go to the temples of Bihariji, Radhavallabhji Radharamanji, Radha-Damodar, or Manoharji's place for the Venu-Vinod kunj satsang,( Affectionate Saint : Sri Manohar Baba ; As clock strikes 9 am on Monday , 17th March , 2008.... ) and later proceed to their own homes. Some of them could also venture religiously to the various Bhagwat and Ramayan Kathas which are an integral part of Vrindaban, like the one held at Ram Jiwai Satsang Centre.

So after 6 pm, once again Saint Ushaji, Susheelaji and Vijayji were the only ones left, plus a visitor if any . By now preparations for the bhog at 7 pm had started. Be it Swami Vivekananda or Swami Sivanandaji of Divine Life Society, Rishikesh or Swami Ramdevji's tour to USA , UK in July-Aug 2008, nowadays every other TV channel harps upon having dinner two hours before sleep for better well-being. Saint Ushaji conscientiously practiced it throughout Her life . And the 'Gita' says Mahajana Sa Pantha which means Her followers also embraced the same regime of taking dinner early and ended their day with Lord Sri Hari's Sankirtana .

Around 8 pm, the bhog and individual prasad was over with. Her activities later on in the day I shall cover in Diary 8.

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