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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Ninety-nineth Shloka


shitani tava smitani ||99||

Simple Meaning:

Krishna's Cooling Smile

Glories to your cooling smiles, overflowing from an unrestrained ocean of nectar.This continuous blissful gush of rasa destroys the pride of all other streams of blissful nectar. In other words may your heart-stealing smiles bestow infinite joy on me.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

A Smile Surges on Krishna's Face

The gushing flow from your bud like lips is unconstrained-it never stops, because it is the natural source of the overflowing ocean of nectar. Merely by looking at that faint smile all the sufferings of one's heart are relieved and the mind becomes joyful. Thus your smile causes extreme joy, is very sweet and is the zenith of coolness.
Having face to face darshan of adorable Shri Krishna, Shri Billavmangalji says that His smile is miraculous in many ways. If the lips are smiling at this end the cheek region also smiles, the eyes above smile too, in other words Krishna's entire round face is moistened with waves of smiles surging across his face.
Distributing ecstatic bliss this gush of rasa is forever uninterrupted. The ocean of bliss is cascading from every limb of Krishna's body. Loving devotees relish His lotus feet and lotus petals like lips, in particular.

Gopis Mesmerized by Krishna's Smile

What a sweet, intoxicating smile is playing on the lips of this beautiful dark-hued Krishna. Oh! the Braj maidens are enslaved by this smile. Mesmerized they exult:
'Mai ree! va mukh ki muskan samhari na jaihai na jaihai. '

Shri Billavmangalji is Smitten by Krishna's Smile

Dyed in this fragrant gentle smile,Shri Billavmangalji is smitten and says: 'madhugandhi mridusmit maitdaho madhur madhur.'
'Oh this fragrant tender smile on this blue-hued sweet face. Is sweet-sweet...'
jayanti shitani tava smitan i: One doesn't know when Shri Billavmangal regains consciousness and utters these words which mean," All glories to Your cooling smiles."

 The Swirling Ocean

Ah! where have I got lost! in which rasa...yes~I remember now-it was the powerful gush of some unrestrained gush. One has no inkling as to how many eddies were there in those waves of rasa ayantrit vegwan kisi sudharnav. Rather there were millions of oceans in every swirling smile .What was it...Yes I very well remember-it was the smile of the Supreme Lover. Smile, smile upon smile, lips contracted and then bloomed...thereafter the Supreme Lover's ineffective endeavour to keep the smile bound in lips...and then...that sweet smile burst out laughing and was splashed around. How can words tie that gushing flow of rasa in its feeble bond?

Gopis Passionately Drawn by Krishna's Smile

Some sakhi saw the sweetness of this very smile, broke all barriers and gushed forth, sying:dure rajyamayantrit smit kala-'O Prandhan, the wealth of our hearts!What should we say about this smile of yours! On breaking innumerable social constraints, which virtuous woman can come back to her senses after drowning even slightly in the river of your smile, flowing unrestrained  under control of Your extensive realm. Fascinating us, this enchanting smile of Yours makes us helpless and compels us to be smitten by You, the distributor of sweetness. This smile is not merely a smile. One doesn't know how many messages are hidden in it?The enchanting mantra of passionately drawing Your beloveds is hidden in this smile of Yours...

Krishna's Smile is Proclaimed by Beat of the Kettledrum

Hearing this, a restless maiden began to say:"muskan ki daundi baji Braj mein abla kit jahin," You are talking about messages and indications, if the matter was just this we could have borne it. Hey sakhi, In this case the kettledrum is being sounded. This smile is being proclaimed by beat of the kettledrum. In that case what should we frail women do?How should we deal with the situation?"

Shri Roop Goswami

Shri Roop Goswami Maharaj has caught the theft,after all why has this smile ravaged everyone's hearts. There is something different in the smile today, the shoots of some new freshness. Lo, there it is! 'In that very same nikunj in front, both the love lorn divine couple have been absorbed in some intoxicating dalliance of theirs, a short while ago.

Shri Radha-Krishna in Nikunja

Sakhi just listen, peeping through a small opening in the nikunj, I have seen with my own eyes:gudhakoot parihas radhika janitsmit: Shri Radhika joked meaningfully in which episode, leading to this wonderful strange smile spreading across the face of the love lorn Supreme Lover, dallying in the kunj...One doesn't know what sort of a smile it is. It does not take time to dispel the pride of the arrogant Braj maidens.

The gopis say in the gopi geet
nija-jan smaya-dhvans na-smita |
Your mere smile is enough to quell the pride of your loved ones.
Who is dearer to Him than these Braj beauties?
Whenever they become conceited, Krishna steeps them in the nectarous flow of His smile.

Krishna's Smile Takes a Gopi  Close to Him

The gopikas express the passionate pain of their hearts in such a straightforward manner
taptatmanam purusa-bhusana dehi dasyam
(SB 10.29.38)

'Our hearts are burning with intense desire generated by Your beautiful smiling glances. O jewel among men, you only tell us what to do? Please make us Your maidservants. Your smile is the only solution for getting rid of this burning desire. It makes us attain dark-hued Krishna's closeness, takes us closer and then closest to Him, this sweet smile of His.

Shri Radha Infatuated by Krishna's Smile

Revealing some matter concerning Her, Lalitaji once asked, "Oh that intoxicating smile! Kishori! How can you possibly manage that tender smile of Krishna's?"
It was not possible to give an answer in words. Shri Radha became rapturous and hugged her. Soon after, both of them got lost in that smile.

 Krishna's Smile is Cooling & Arouses Passion

jayanti shitani tava smitani : Shri Billavmangalji says that Your smile is cooling.

Gopikas affirm that that very smile makes their hearts burn with intense desires. What sort of a coolness is this that it generates passion which blazes in their hearts. How are these two facts which appear contradictory, connected to each other in this smile of His?

Therefore Shri Billavmangali sings the glories of Krishna's cool smile,
jayanti shitani tava smitani .

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