Monday, October 6, 2014

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Seventy-fifth Shloka

madhuryena dviguna-shishiram vaktra-candram vahnati,
secayanti |
viharana-padam matta-saubhagya-bhajam,
parinatir aho netrayoh sannidhatte ||75||

Simple Meaning:

Krishna Moistens the World with His Nectarous Flute Play

 Ah! The One whose face is made doubly refreshing by its sweet tenderness, Who is moistening Braj maidens, the world and me with the current of nectar constantly oozing from the holes of His flute, the One who objectively resides in my words which though mad in love are fortunate enough to be describing His Beauty, the very same Krishna has appeared before my eyes as the culmination of my good deeds.

The Rasa-laden Commentary;

A Sakhi Relishes the Moonlike Face of Krishna

The moonlike face of Krishna is naturally sweet. The tender longings and feelings arising in His heart have made the beauty of His moon face doubly refreshing. This lustrous moonlike face is nurtured by the loving water of Braj beauties, is endowed with the fresh adolescence of these moistened with the nectarous flow of their glances. Consequently, Krishna's visage becomes increasingly sweet...the languor filling His eyes is indicative of coolness, intoxication is being showered. As Krishna goes on relishing the loving intoxication of these maidens crazily in love, the beautiful ripples of His visage become doubly refreshing, and the flow of nectar cascades from His face. These maidens are moistened by that rasa and their hearts and souls get cooled. How is this intoxication, this rasa which is both life giving and life-sucking.

vamshi-vithi-vigalad,mad-vaninam viiharana-padam: 

Krishna's Flute is the Breath of Love

Whatever I am being able to write, the sweet playful dalliances of Krishna which I am able to describe, are the outcome of His flute play. The passionate expression of His heart is encapsulated in this melodious flute sound. The love of His heart is gushing forth through the medium of His flute. The ineffable, intoxicating beauty of Krishna is the adornment of my voice. In this literary composition of verses, it has incarnated and manifested through my words.

As Shri Billavmangalji distinctly experiences the beauteous form, sweetness and other gunas or qualities of Krishna, His feeling of love becomes all the more profound.

mad-saubhagya-bhajam :

Supreme Lover Krishna

 Steeped in the sakhi bhava, Shri Billavmangalji says that it is the fruit of my fortunate good deeds that I am beholding Lord Krishna. He is my life and soul. What greater good fortune can there be than Brahmand Nayak Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is my supreme lover, the very essence of my life.

Braj beauties are the most fortunate. The darling son of Nanda is the good fortune of every fiber of their being, their body, mind and soul. Their eyes relish the intoxicatingly beauteous form of His, every moment.

Krishna's Melodious Flute Play Irrigates Billavmangalji's Heart

The One whose face, has become doubly refreshing because of sweetness, is propagating coolness, who is making the rasa of love gush through His flute, the very same moonlike face of Krishna is the zenith of my good fortune. Krishna, the treasure trove of my good deeds has manifested and is coming towards me. He is the One who is irrigating my heart with the melody of His flute play.


HariHarji said...

Aapko bhi bahut bahut shubhkamnayein. Hum sabhi un ki kripa ka ahsas sada sada karte rahein, yahi unse prarthna hai.

Kirti Mathur

Minakshi Aggarwal said...

SharadPurnima ke sunahre avsar par
Ye shloka bhi unki chhavi ka varnan
Kar raha hain aur murli-vadan ka bhi,
Bahut sunder pics ke saath Shobha aur badhi hain.Sh.Thakurji aapko issi tarah hum tak phuchane ki shakti dein.