Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Ganga Stuti [19]

Raag Raamkali

Goddess Ganga

Harni paap tribidh taap sumirat sursarit |

bilsati mahi kalp-beli mud-manorath-pharit ||1||

sohat sasi dhaval dhaar sudha-salil-bharit |

bimaltar tarang lasat raghubarke-se charit ||2||

to binu jagdamb gang kalijug ka karit ?

ghor bhav apaarsindhu tulsi kimi tarit ||3||

Goddess Ganga is Like the Kalpalata in This Material World

O Goddess Ganga ! The instant one does your smarana (concentrates upon you by imaginative recollection) you annihilate sins and the threefold suffering of mankind, which is psychological, spiritual and physical. Blossoming with the fruits of joy and our hearts' desires, you adorn the earth like the kalpalata (one of the fabulous plants of Krishna's paradise that grants all wishes.)||1||

The River Ganges Looks Ethereal

Your white gushing stream so much like the moon, sweet like ambrosia and full of the waters which liberate us from death, looks ethereal. Absolutely pure waves so similar to the pristine 'Ram Charit' (the story of Lord Rama) are rising in your waters ||2||

Goswami Tulsidas

O Jagjananni, (mother of the world) Goddess Ganga! If you did not exist one never knows what atrocities Kaliyuga (the present age of spiritual darkness) would have committed. And how would this Tulsidas have ever swum across the ocean of this terrible and impassable mundane world?

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