Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 230

Raag Kalyan

Shri Ram is Our Well-Wisher

akaaran ko hitoo aaur ko haai |

birad 'gareeb-nivaaj' kaaunko, bhaon jaasu jan johaai ||1||

chhoto-badho chahat sab svaarath, jo biranchi bircho haai |

kol kutil, kapi-bhaalu paalibo kaaun kripaaluhi sohaai ||2||

kaako naam anakh aalas kahen agh avgunani bichhohaai |

ko tulseese kusevak sangrahyo, sath sab din saaeen drohaai ||3||

Bhaktas Long for Shri Ram's Compassion

Who else (apart from Shri Ramchandraji) is our benefactor for no particular reason? Who has the reputation of making the poor prosperous and content, and the one whose (compassionate) eyebrows, bhaktas longingly look at ||1||

Living Beings Created by Brahma

All those who have been created by Brahma whether they are great or small, want to cater to their selfish needs (no one works for the well-being of others without a selfish motive)| Well!

Shri Ram Blesses Shabri

For which other merciful svami (besides Shri Ram ji) is it befitting to protect and rear Bhils (tribals of central India),

Lord Ram's Army of Monkeys & Bears Battling Ravana

monkeys, bears and so on ||2||

Shri Ram Makes Tulsidas His Own Devotee

Who else has such a name which even on being chanted with laziness or anger expiates sins and vices? (Solely the Name of Shri Ram is so unique)| A person who has always been hostile to his svami out of ignorance, He has made such an inferior sevak or devotee like Tulsi also His own (what else can surpass such a good deed done so spontaneously?)||3||

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