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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Eightieth Shloka

durad vilokayati varana-khela-gami, 
dhara-kataksha-bharitena vilokitena  | 
arad upaiti hridayan-gama-venu-nada-, 
veni-mukhena dashanamshu-bharena devah  ||80||

Simple Meaning: 

Lord Krishna is Advancing Towards Billavmangalji

 Seeing me from a distance with a flood of sidelong glances and looking at Shri Radha with His passionate glance, Lord Krishna is walking towards me. Just as an elephant walks with a sluggish gait due to some sportive dalliance. Krishna's auspicious face moves my heart with the current of flute sound emanating from His mouth, which is filled with rows of brightly glowing teeth. His face seems like the origin point of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

A Faint Smile is Reflected on Krishna's Face

Shri Billavmangalji see His guiding friend, His only friend walking and coming so near to Him.Oh! He is walking with such an intoxicating elephant like gait.Billavmangalji says," Gazing at me with His sweet passionate sidelong glances, Krishna is advancing towards me, flooding me with the gush of His gazes. A slight smile is reflected on His lotus face because of the emanating flute sound, and the rows of teeth have begun sparkling. His dark-hued face seems to be Shri Yamuna, His pearls of teeth are Shri Ganga, and the redness of His lips seem to be river Saraswati.The majestic beauty of the confluence of these three rivers is reflected on Krishna's countenance. Rasa or the rapture of love constantly gushes forth from the flute play emanating from His mouth. My soul, eyes and heart are forever drenched in that rasa.

The beloved of my heart, Lord Krishna is walking towards me, coming nearer and nearer with each step. His walk puts the gait of an intoxicated elephant to shame:

braj vithina jab sanwaro chalat suchal matang |
pag-pag par chhavi ki jhari hot chalat ek sang ||

Dark-hued Krishna In Vrindavana

 When Krishna lifts His feet and then puts them down His graceful form seems to be radiating light beams.The forest's greenery, the soft, silver dust like sandy river banks of Shri Yamuna are also being coloured by the redness of His auspicious feet. 

 Sidelong Glances of Krishna Intoxicate His Beloveds

 amiya halaahal madbhare shyaam shwet ratnaar |
jiyat marat jhuki jhuki parat jehi chitwat ik baar

How is the constant flood of His sidelong glances? It is nectarean, intoxicating and magical.
These sharp sidelong glances of Krishna are the ones which intoxicate His beloveds. Thereafter, no one's else's glance appears attractive to them.

Krishna Drenches Billavmangalji with His Passionate Glance

Steeped in the sakhi bhava, Shri Billavmangalji says that dark-hued beautiful Krishna is drenching me with His passionate glance. The very essence of my life is besprinkling me with the surge of His sweet sharp glance.This flow of love is gushing constantly. His eyes are full of intoxication, what sort of magic lies in them.It is making me insane with rapture. Hundreds of love-laden currents are gushing forth with His gaze. Every fiber of Shri Billavmangalji's being becomes ecstatic with delight.

Lord Krishna's Gleaming Teeth

 Billavmangalji says, " This flute sound of Yours is so sweet that its melody is making some divine joy surge forth in every fiber of my being. Above all, this intoxicating flute play circulates nectar. Because of a slight faint smile the rows of Your gleaming teeth can be seen. Therefore,a threefold hue is gushing forth as if it is the confluence of three rivers. Seeing this majestic beauty of Yours, my heart and soul are enamoured by You."

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