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Prem Sudha Dhara: Anilji

(Page 288)

Shri Hari

Shri Dhaam Barsana

14th September 1990

Dear Anil,

With love, Jai Shri Hari.

Seeing the address of Shri Dhaam on the envelope, do not assume that we have reached Barsana. We came to the comforting site of Shri Shri Swamini (Shri Radha, devotional ideal) on eighth morning; carrying the delightful memories of Shri Nandgaon. We propose to go to Shri Van on the 17th, which can be implemented with the grace of Shri Hari.

The path which leads into the fields and forests and down to the streams of Braj Bhoomi is enchanting. The delights of Paradise are reflected, as if by a cosmic mirror onto the the pilgrimage sites here. Shri Nandgaon snuggling Brajraj Kunwar's childhood play in its bosom, attracts countless sentimental devotees till date. It is not only the ground of his lovable pranks; several playful dalliances of youthful Krishna (from his fifth to sixteenth year) have taken place and are occurring. Shri Lalitasar, Krishan Kund and the dense foliage of the forest endorse these escapades. You could not see the Paniharin Kund and the footprints of Shri Charanh. Does not matter because some eager curiosity should inspire you later on.

Precisely in the same manner, the birthplace of Shri Shri Swamini and the area of her childhood is heart-stealing. People like us who can not travel much, can sight Shri Shriji's high bhavan (mansion) imparting delight. Attended and adorned by dense foliage, it makes us rapturous till date. I was thinking of showing you Vilasgarhi with its magnificent mountain range but was fatigued those days and the time was also scarce. You might have had a glimpse but Aalok and Mudit haven't.

The sacred dhaam ( place of pilgrimage) Barsana is not merely a sight of child play. Here too Rasraaj (king of Raas) Nandkunwar, guised in various flashy forms comes for a rendezvous with the young Kishori of Vrashbhanu. He stops over at times. Gaharvan abounding with these amorous frolics, blossoms radiantly today. Both the passionate kunwar (youth) and kishori (young woman) secretly enjoy themselves; often surrounded by sakhis and sometimes in isolation, are engrossed in several romantic dalliances and spirited antics.

The metaphorical search of the impassioned soul, for union with the handsome god is centred within earthly Vrindavana. It is here that we shall find the dark god fluting in the blossoming pastures of his youth. Even though the mundane world has veiled the constant joy; but today the forest is the same, the sites are the same,these kunjas and nikunjas (verdant groves),Yamuna the sacred river and its sandy banks are identical.

Those who can sight the divine play, are steeped in it. The temporal plane does not jolt them, nor deprives them of joy in Vrindavana which is the source of several playful dalliances of Shri Radha-Krishna. Rasikas (persons moved by passionate religious devotion for Krishna) engrossed in the spirited antics of Krishna on the banks of Kalindi (name of a river Jumna said to rise on a mountain called Kalinda) are sighting the divine play till date.

The abundance of romantic dalliances impassions fortunate devotees in Nidhivan. Shri Van, snuggling the child play of Lord Krishna in its bosom is a storehouse of wealth. Idyllic and sensuous Vrindavana becomes the perfect landscape in which madhurya or the sweet love of Krishna unfolds.

The divine peaks of Shri Giriraj, mountain passes, cascading waterfalls, the verdant groves, ponds and lakes; all are the charmingly blessed sites of sakhya rasa ( in which the devotee imagines himself as a companion or sakha of the deity) and madhurasa ( where Krishna is construed as the bee attracted to various flowers or sakhis); the adorable means of romantic dalliances.

I had not planned this write up but the Rasiya or musician gets precisely whatever he wants.

In reality, a person becomes solely his on knowing Krishna's enigmatic persona. It is here that peacocks dance in ecstasy, birds sing passionately, bees dance around lotus pollen and sing a love song, cranes and swans fly towards and cows are drawn to the call of the flute. We awaken to a world of Vishnu who resides not only in the hearts of gopis but also in the sap that animates the birds and bees, the trees and the creepers of Vrindavana.

Savouring the closeness with Lord Krishna, absorbed in his, love delights us with joyous abandon. In which case doing duties, one does not become attached to the world of apparent reality, and is not distanced from union with the divine.

The supremely enchanting form of Lord Krishna, with his loving tenderness and the supportive canopy of his shelter does not abandon us for a second. Adopting the same delightful basis, when we conduct ourselves, the end result is ecstatic. I have the same expectations from you. An indifferently cold attitude, insensitivity, indifference; all these traits make the mind unemotional and arid; while Rasik Shekhar (title of Krishna) resides in a sentimental persona...so why would his devotees be heartless!

We must certainly remember that on this pretext due to negligence we do not become attached to those very people and their conduct. Keep the mind under control.

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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