Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hanuman Stuti [33]

Raag Bilaaval

Shri Hanuman Meditating On Lord Ram

Samarath suan sameerke, raghubeer-piyaare |

mopar keebee tohi jo kari lehi bhiyaa re ||1||

teree mahimaa te chalaain chinchinee-chiyaa re |

andhiyaaro meree baar kyon, tribhuvan-ujiyaare ||2||

kehi karanee jan jaanikaai sanmaan kiyaa re |

kehi agh aaugun aapne kar daari diyaa re ||3||

khaaee khonchee maangi maain tero naam liyaa re |

tere bal, bali aaju laaun jag jaagi jiyaa re ||4||

jo toson hotau phiraaun mero heto hiyaa re |

taau kyon badan dekhaavto kahi bachan eyaare ||5||

toso gyaan-nidhaan ko sarbagya biyaa re |

haaun samujhat saaeen-drohkee gati chhaar chhiyaa re ||6||

tere svamee raam se, svaaminee siyaa re |

tanh tulseeke kaaunko kaako takiyaa re ||7||

Shri Hanuman is Very Dear to Lord Ram

O almighty Pavan Kumar! (a title of Hanuman, son of the Wind God) O much loved one of Lord Ram! Loving friend, you might as well take whatever action you have to on me, right now ||1||

Shri Hanuman Lights Up the Three Worlds

By the grace of your glory even tamarind seeds can be of use (in place of rupees and gold coins); or in other words if you want even fools like me can be regarded as bhaktas. O enlightener of the three worlds! (heaven, earth and the lower regions)Why have you spread such (spiritual) darkness around me?||2||

Goswami Tulsidas

Earlier due to which good deed of mine you had considered me your devotee and honoured me, and now because of which sin and vice of mine have you dumped me from your hands, discarding me even after adopting me?||3||

The Powerful Hanuman

I have always eaten a morsel after chanting your name and wish to take your misfortunes on myself. Up until now, I have survived with spiritual evolution in this world by having implicit faith in your power.||4||

Shri Hanuman

If I had been averse to you, my heart would have been the prime reason. In that case, how could I have faced you after deriding you like a human being of my mundane family?||5||

Shri Hanuman is All-Knowing

Being omniscient you know everything about my mindset because who else can be equated to you, a reservoir of knowledge, having absolute comprehension of everyone's thoughts? Even I understand that the one who is hostile towards his svami or Lord has to be utterly destroyed, ultimately.||6||

Shri Hanuman with Lord Ram & Sita Nestled in His Heart

Wherein your svami is Lord Ram and svamini (devotional ideal) is Goddess Sita therein apart from you, on which human and object can Tulsidas possibly rely on ? Therefore you must be the one who makes me reach upto that point.( of spiritual bliss)||7||

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