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'Shri Krishnakarnamrita:' Seventy-second Shloka

kim idam adhara-vithi-krpta-vamshi-ninadam ,
nayanayor nah kam api prema-dharam |
idam amara-vithi- vallabham durlabham, 
nastribhuvana-kamaniyam daivatam jivitam ca ||72||

Simple Meaning:

Divine Love Being Showered from Krishna's Eyes

 How wonderful is the melodious sound of the flute Krishna is holding to His lips. Furthermore, He is showering an inexpressible flood of divine love from His eyes. Who is He?Ah! He is rare to find even among the planets of gods, my darling Krishna, the Ordainer of my fate, my very life, who delights the three worlds.

Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Flute is Affixed to Krishna's Lips

 Shri Billavmangalji beautifully cherishes the Supreme Lover's image in the core of his heart. Adulatingly gazing at the many new lustres of madhuri or sweetness, Billavmangal is seen to be coming. At that very moment he looks at the flute player, the love-inspiring Supreme Lover...

Mesmerized by Krishna's Flute Play

 Ah! what a graceful pleasing form...Billavmangalji is spellbound...then coming to his senses, he exults...Oh! Who is this! Affixed to whose lips the flute play is enjoying itself. This breath of love is gushing forth from such a soft tender place ...that is why, yes that is why it is loaded with such savorous charm and sweetness. Otherwise can such nectarous melody gush forth from a bamboo flute?No, never!...this is because of the sweetness of Krishna's lips.Ah? How mellifluous is this flute play... all our senses are swooning and getting intoxicated on hearing its melody.

 Relishing the Rasa of Krishna's Eyes

 Above all, Krishna's pair of eyes are showering a constant gush of divine love and passionate rasa. My crazy heart soul and eyes have drifted and are mesmerized by that rasa. What should I do now? Oh! I am helpless! My heart soul and eyes are smitten! The infinite ocean of love, the gush of passionate love is rippling in should I plunge into it...

Krishna, the Ocean of Nectar

 Krishna, the ocean of nectar, is rare to find even in the planets of gods. Noboby can get to know about His bearings. In any case, it is rare for the gods to find Him.. The entire delight of the world has accumalated and manifested in this dark-hued form of Krishna . Ah! He is the Ordainer of my fate, my very life, the wealth of my existence! Oh! Sakhi how is it to be affixed to His lips!

Venerable Usha Behanji

In this context Saint Usha Behanji says:

'sahaj surbhiyut adhar tumhare |
madir madhur mridu madhu matware, nitya prafullit haas chhata yut
kamal sukomal dal arunnare, jinse ras pakar garweeli
baans ki poree ho sarseelee, van upvan ghar ghat bhavan mein
mat hui din raat gunjaare
goonj shravann kar sudh-budh haari | kheench aati hain gopkumari ||
vivash hui si kah uthti hain tanik suno ras dhaam murare |
sahaj subhiyut adhar tumhare || '
(Madhuras Nirjhar,part one, page 435)

Sakhis Are Drawn by Krishna's Flute Play

 Which means that the naturally fragrant lips of yours, are sweet, gentle, nectarous and intoxicating. Drinking nectar from Your lotus tender red petal like lips, endowed with budding laughter, the haughty bamboo flute exudes melodious charm. In the forest,groves, ghats and bhavan, it plays mellifluously throughout the day and night. Hearing this breath of love the gopis loose their good sense and are drawn in delicious anguish to Krishna's side. 

Helpless they exclaim, 'Listen Murare the repository of rasa, your lips are naturally fragrant. '

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