Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Srimad Bhagavatam: Pearl 9


Bequethed to us is a vast visual record of Lord Krishna's miraculous feats and an assurance that anyone who reveres these deeds will surely get His blessing.

Chapter 69, verse 45: Shukdevji confidently challenges that nobody can ever emulate Lord Krishna. Lord Hari is the ultimate cause of creation, maintenance and destruction. Anyone who chants, hears or simply appreciates the extraordinary activities He performed, which are impossible to imitate, will attain devotion for the Supreme Lord, the bestower of liberation.

How true is the statement? Can anyone dare to kill deadly Pootana at the tender age of six days, put an end to Shakat and Tranavart when merely three months old, destroy the demons Bakasur, Aghasur and Pralayambasur at six years of age; take the life of Sudarshan, Chandrachud, Arishatasur, Keshi and Vayomasur when He is a boy of ten years? Lord Krishna gave salvation to Yamlarjun trees when He was a toddler of eight months. He slaughtered Kaliyanaga, the poisonous serpent, when six years old and saved all the Brijvasis from davanal or wild-fire, got python Vidyadhar and His father Nandbaba from Varunlok in the same year. Can anyone dare to go ahead with such miraculous feats?

Lord Krishna imparted Divine knowledge to His parents Devakiji and Vasudevji as Lord Vishnu even before He took birth. When He was a year old child He disclosed this information to Yashoda Maiya, in His fifth year to Lord Brahma, in the seventh year to Lord Indra, in His tenth year to uncle, Akroorji, soon after He left Vrindavan for Mathura. The spectrum of His heroic acts defies description as always.

The killing of elephant Kuvalayapeer, mighty Mushtik,Chanur ,Shankhasur, Kansa, Jarasandh, Kalyavan ,Shambarasur, Bhaumasur,Paundrik and Kashiraj; demons Diwid,Shishupaal,Shalva,Dantravaktra,Vidurath, Balval, Vrikasur sum up some of his spectacular deeds.

Acquiring of chausath kalas or sixty-four arts, construction of the wondrous Dwarka city, salvation to Mucucunda, darshan to Jambavant (of the Ramji period who fought against Ravana) and loving care for poor friend Sudama, record some of His generosities.

Divine knowledge imparted to Lord Yama, King Yudishtir during Rajsuya Yagna, Lord Shiva during the defeat of Banasur, His parents before bringing back their six dead sons (Lord's own brothers!) and of course narrating the celebrated epic ‘Shrimad Bhagwad Gita’(during the Mahabharatha war) coupled with knowledge imparted to Udhavji in the 11th canto of ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ provide a synopsis of his great wonders.

Shukdevji wants us to confront these self-proclaimed gods swarming Kaliyuga with the above truth. Can they perform any of these heroic deeds blessed with a divine sanction? Leave aside all other acts performed by the Lord! And these imposters are totally responsible for cynicism afflicting the otherwise God-fearing Indians and NRIs. Will we ever raise our voice against such self-centred elements, the shameless frauds roosting in the new millennium? Just ponder over this point please.

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