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33rd & 34th Dohas of Uttar Kand


kinha damdavata tiniu°bhåi, sahita pavanasuta sukha adhikåi |

muni raghupati chabi atula biloki, bhae magana mana sake na roki ||1||

syåmala gåta saroruha locana, sumdaratå mamdira bhava mocana |

ekataka rahe nimesa nalåvahi, prabhu kara jore° sisa navåvahi ||2|| Ú

tinha kai daså dekhi raghubirå, sravata nayana jala pulaka sarirå |

kara gahi prabhu munibara baithåre, parama manohara bacana ucåre ||3||

åju dhanya mai sunahu muniså, tumhare° darasa jåhi agha khiså |

baRe bhåga påiba satasamgå, binahi prayåsa hohi bhavabhamgå ||4||

The Lotus-Eyed & Dark-Hued Lord Rama

Thereafter,the three brothers(Bharata, Laksmana and Shatrughna) prostrated themselves along with Hanumana and everyone was delighted. On beholding the unequalled beauty of Lord Raghuvir, the * four sages reached the heights of elation and ecstasy. They could not stop their hearts, and kept staring fixedly at the Lord who releases us from the cycle (of birth and death), has a dark body, is lotus-eyed and is the abode of beauty. Whereas The Lord bowed His head with folded hands. Seeing their (love struck) state, the eyes of Lord Raghuvir also streamed with tears of love(just like them) and every fiber on His body stood erect due to the thrill of rapture.

The Four Kumaras Help us Get Rid of the Cycle of Birth & Death

Immediately, the Lord held their hands and seated the great sages. He spoke to them with the most charming of words,'O great sages! Listen, I am definitely blessed today. One's sins are destroyed just by sighting you. Only by great good fortune is one able to get the company of saints, because of which one effortlessly gets rid of the cycle of birth and death.'


samta samga apabarga kara kåmi bhava kara pamtha |

kahahi samta kabi kobida sruti puråna sadagramtha ||33||

Moksha, Flight to Vaikunth

The company of saints is the path which leads us to moksha (release from the bondage of this mundane world) while association with a sensual person binds us in the cylce of birth and death.The saints, poets and pundits plus Vedas, Purananas and other religious scriptures endorse this doctrine.


suni prabhu bacana harasi muni cåri, pulakita tana astuti anusåri |

jaya bhagavamta anamta anåmaya, anagha aneka eka karunåmaya ||1||

jaya nirguna jaya jaya guna sågara, sukha mamdira sumdara ati någara |

jaya imdirå ramana jaya bhudhara, anupama aja anådi sobhåkara ||2||

gyåna nidhåna amåna månaprada, påvana sujasa puråna beda bada |

tagya krtagya agyatå bhamjana, nåma aneka anåma niramjana ||3||

sarba sarbagata sarba urålaya, basasi sadå hama kahu° paripålaya |

dvamda bipati bhava phamda bibhamjaya, hrdi basi råma kåma mada gamjaya ||4||

Sages Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana & Sanatkumara

Delighted to hear the Lord's words, with every fiber on their body standing erect due to rapture, the four sages began to sing hymns praising the Lord, 'O Lord! Hail to you! You are infinite, unchangeable and sinless, are manifest in one as well as many forms, and so very compassionate. O Lord glory be to you, who is beyond the gunas( sattva, rajas and tamas, the three constituents of nature)! I respectfully salute You, the Ocean of goodness, the Abode of bliss, who is extremely handsome and so very skilful.

Singing the Glories of Lakshmipati or Lord Vishnu

O Lakshmipati (wife of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth)! Salutations to You! O Preserver of the earth! You are beyond comparison, unborn, eternal, and a mine of elegance. You are a storehouse of wisdom and free from pride, but grant honour to others. The Vedas and Puranas sing of Your beautiful purifying glory.

Lord Rama Dwells in the Hearts of His Devotees

Knower of the essential Truth, You acknowledge the service of Your devotees and get rid, of their ignorance. Untainted by maya (the illusory world as perceived by the senses), You have several( numberless) names and yet do not have any name( or are beyond all.) You are manifest as all forms, pervade all beings and dwell in the hearts of all Your Devotees. Therefore, You must guard us every moment. Cut through the ensnaring net of pair of complementary conditions (such as heat and cold, joy and sorrow,) adversity and the cycle of birth and death. O Rama! Dwelling in our hearts, wipe out sensual desire and intoxication.


paramånamda krpåyatana mana paripurana kåma |

prema bhagati anapåyani dehu hamahi sriråma ||34||

Loving Devotion for Lord Rama's Feet

You are the personification of supreme bliss, the abode of mercy and fulfil the desires of our heart. O Lord Rama! Kindly grant us the boon of dedicated loving devotion for Your feet.'

*Sages:The Bhagavata Purana says that the four Kumaras who although being eternally liberated souls from birth, still became attracted to the devotional service of Vishnu. Despite being very senior in age the Four Kumaras are said to wander the universe in the forms of small children. Sage Sanaka and his three brothers are the first progeny of Brahma and the eldest of all creation. They are perpetual celibates living in the abode of Brahma and their present age is about 1,95,00,00,000 years.

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