Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Prem Sudha Dhara by Revered Usha Bahenji (Boboji)

Publisher’s Preface

It is a matter of great delight that through highly revered Usha Bahenji, a treasure trove of virtues and dedicated devotion to Shri Radha-Krishna, steeped in the essence of Vraj-Vrindavana; a compilation of instructive letters written to her followers plus enlightenment on Lord Krishna’s divine play is being published as ‘Prem Sudha Dhara’. Ushaji was a saint of the highest order-an exponent of Indian Culture, Vrinadavana’s mode of worship and above all famed for her inimitable style of fondly adulating Shri Radha-Krishna, which forms the subject of her letters.

We find expressions of whatever she experienced, her daily regime and the fundamental nature of her existence. Gathering some valuable correspondences from this collection we present ‘Prem Sudha Dhara’.

My viewpoint is that this compilation will prove greatly beneficial to the Vaishnava World.

Saint Shri Lalita Babuta

Banke Bihari Colony

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