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'Shri Krishnakarnamrita:' Fifty-sixth Shloka

vishvopaplava-shamanaika-baddha-diksham ,
vishvasa-stabakita-cetasam jananam | 
prashyama-pratinava-kanti-kandalardram , 
pashyamah pathi pathi shaishavam murarehn ||56||

Simple Meaning:

The Adolescent Form of Blue-hued Krishna

The One who is true to His promise of relieving all the miseries of those whose hearts are blossoming with implicit faith in Him. And the One whose bright bluish glowing cheeks charm everyone with ever new effulgence. We are seeing the adolescent form of such a Murari in every path (I am seeing the fickleness of Lord Krishna endowed with young childhood in every direction.)

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna Murari is Sighted in Every Nikunja

The previous shloka said that it is tough to find the sweetness of Lord Krishna's adolescent beauty even in gods. With the same adolescent sweetness of Krishna spiritedly manifesting before his eyes, Shri Billavmangalji starts raving, “ We are beholding the adolescent beauty of Krishna in every path, kunja, nikunja( are experiencing it.) How is that Murari? He is distinctively endowed with a bright blue hue and is 'pratinava-kanti-kandalardram ' or is forever charming and dear due to the glow of this new lustre.

Just have a look at the radiant lustre of dark-hued Krishna's limbs:

A Braj Maiden Smitten by Krishna

shyam nikat baithi sammukh shyama ju kanchanmani abhushan pahire,
yon pratibimbit sanwal tan mein, janu snan karat baithi jamuna mein gahren | 
ang-ang aabha se taranit, gaur shyam shobha ki lehren | 
'surdas madan mohan piya' hiya manhi rahige, 
mopain kahi na jaye, meri dhrishti na thahren |

These are the swelling waves of the new fresh lustre. Waves after waves are rising, there are gyrations in every limb of Lord Krishna. Once caught in this infinite ocean which maiden will not get her entire essence looted?

Shri Kumbhandasji has given such a beautiful description:

taruna kishore rasik nandnandan, kacchuk uthat mukh rekhen |
vah chitvani, vah haas manohar-vah natwar vapu bhekhen ||

Braj Maidens Captivated by Krishna

Amid the circle of Braja's young maiden there is a talk these days that the ineffable beauty which is dine dine navam-navam or newly fresh every moment that beauteous form can not be taken care of even if we want to. That charming sweetness is new everyday. Ever since the day when the darling son of Nanda stepped into adolescence, the Braj beauties are swooning in delicious anguish. That blue-hued sweetness is repeatedly making their hearts, eyes and souls restless.

This darling son of Nand Baba, the pampered son of Mother Yashoda, is a young boy for sure. But the maidens of Braj have construed Him as a an adolescent right from the first day. And what can be said now? What can the poor voice express. Ah! The heart that has become a part of the love ingredients used for worshipping that blue-hued Kishore.

Lord Krishna's Devotees

vishvasa-stabakita-cetasam jananam says Shri Lilashukh, describing Lord Krishna's nature. It seems as if that Murari has been initiated to calm the afflictions of delighted and cheerful bhaktas who have implicit faith in Him. Which means He has firmly resolved to wipe out every misery affecting His close ones. Therefore, the minds of Lord Krishna's devotees is forever calm and delighted due to this belief and they are steeped in singing devotional hymms without any worry weighing on their minds.

Lord Krishna looks after the well-being of His devotees:

Lord Krishna Takes Care of His Bhaktas

'I personally take care of both spiritual and material welfare of that every-steadfast devotee who always remembers and adores Me with single-minded contemplation.' (Shri Bhagwad Gita-9.22)

The devotee has eternal faith in his isht or favoured deity that He forever protects him and will continue to do.

Gopi Geet

The gopis also affirm in the ' Gopi Geet:'

'O greatest of personalities, You have repeatedly saved us from all kinds of danger—from poisoned water, from the terrible man-eater Agha, from the great rains, from the wind demon, from the fiery thunderbolt of Indra, from the bull demon and from the son or Maya Danava.' (Shrimad Bhagwad-10.31.3)

Supremely compassionate Lord Krishna alleviates all the miseries of His bhaktas and denizens of Braj, and will surely mitigate ours as well. This is our implicit belief.

Shri Lilashukh Sees Lord Krishna in Every Direction

Steeped in the sakhi bhava, Shri Lilashukh is beholding a flashing vision of Lord Krishna. He says that we are seeing the sweet blue-hued Lord Krishna's adolescent form in every direction, this is what I am feeling.

In his outward state of living in this mundane world, Shri Lilashukh has reached close to Mathura, thus he is forever feeling the spirited presence of Lord Krishna.Braj Dham is the site where Lord Krishna's inflames the desire of the individuated soul to move in delicious anguish to His side.

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