Wednesday, June 30, 2010

41st & 42nd Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 41st Verse

Asan-basan-heen visham-vishaad-leen,

Dekhi deen doobro karaai na haay-haay ko |

Tulsee anaathso sanaath Raghunaath kiyo,

Diyo phal seelsindhu aapne subhaayko ||

Neech yahi beech pati paai bharuhaaigo,

Bihaai prabhu-bhajan bachan man kaayko |

Taaten tanu peshiyat ghor bartor mis,

Phooti-phooti niksat lon Raamraayko ||

Who was there who did not lament over the wretched and weak state of mine, stripped of food and clothes, and steeped in terrible dejection.

Adopting such an orphaned Tulsi, svami Raghunathji, the ocean of compassion, gave him the best reward, in accordance to his nature. Meanwhile this base person became arrogant on getting fame and abandoned singing devotional songs for Rama physically-mentally and vocally.

Ramji's salt can be seen breaking out as eruptions of terrifying bartor (a pimple which is caused by breaking up of the root of a hair) on the body because I was ungrateful to him.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 42nd Verse

Jiaon jag jaankeejeevanko kahaai jan,

Maribeko baaraansee baari sursariko |

Tulseeke duhoon haath modak haai aise thaun,

Jaake jiye muye soch karihaain na lariko |

Moko jhootho saancho log Ramko kahat sab,

Mere man maan haai na harko na hariko ||

Bhaaree peer dusah sareertain bihaal hot,

Souu Raghubeer binu sakaai door kariko ||

May I live in this world termed as the slave of Ramchandraji who is the life of Janki, whereas for dying there is Kashi and banks of the divine river Ganges.Tulsi is lucky either way with laddus in both his hands. Even children will not be concerned about his life at stake.( as it hangs between life and death) All the people acclaim me as a servant of Ram in every way .

Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva

My mind is also proud of the fact that apart from Ramchandraji I am neither a bhakta of Shiva or Vishnu. Distraught am I due to the excruciating pain in my body and who can get rid of it except for Raghunathji.

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