Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chapter 51: Epilogue, Boboji's Extraordinary Calibre

I pay obeisance to the Vaishnava luminaries who fulfill all our desires like the kalpataru (one of the fabulous trees of Krishna's paradise that grants all desires), are an ocean of compassion and purify the sinful.

Being able to speak about the grandeur of saints and devotees is not generally possible. Appraising them correctly by observing their lifestyle is virtually impossible. It is not necessary that saints of the same rank can fully understand each other's state and perception, but their distinguished character, unusual mode of life and unimaginable state is apparent by their charming mannerisms and scene for certain.

Their great departure (passing away) is a spirited antic of the Lord's divine play and these saints are clearly perceptible even thereafter. Although there is no particular place in their life for miracles, God displays some such incidents which give us an insight into their persona. Our history is loaded with such events witnessed by devotees singing tales of their glories.

Revered Bobo

By now the readers would have had some estimate of revered Bobo's amazing ability.I am going to describe one such unprecedented and powerful incidence which is definitely tough to cite in this era.

Bobo's gaining entry into the eternal nikunja was seen by all well-wishers who were present at that point of time.The explicit movement of the eyes in this alert manner with the eyeballs turning completely towards Priya-Priyatam, is truly astonishing.

Well the very next day that is on 21st February,1992, revered Bobo was taken into the constant closeness of Shri Yamuna and this is precisely what she had ardently longed for.

Krishna, the supreme lover, and Radha his beloved were beckoning her to the nikunja situated on banks of the Yamuna whereas arrangements for living in their constant proximity had been attended to earlier...

Kamda Bahenji

While Bobo was being taken for union with the divine,Shri Kamda Bahen a devout recipient of her grace,made an obeisance and prayed, “Bobo! Do take me along too.Take me along.”

River Yamuna in Vrindavan

And she also departed when Bobo was being taken to be consigned to the Yamuna's water, as if she had come readily prepared in advance.

Blessed is this unprecedented incident, remarkable spiritual leader,Bobo and the dependant disciple, Kamda Bahen,yearning for the nectarean fruit of Vrindavan.

Being a witness history will continue repeating this incidence,the well-wishers present may get tired of raving about its distinction, the pen may stop when pages after pages expound its glory but the grandeur of Bobo will be etched in golden letters forever. Becoming a spiritual lighthouse for us all, Usha Bahenji or Bobo will show us the divine path constantly.

I bow a hundred times before such a famed, great, stalwart saint who was above all self-assured and dignified.

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