Friday, October 1, 2010

Shri Hanuman Chalisa: 17-24 Chaupais

Tumaharo mantra Bibhishan maana |

Lankeshwar bhaye sab jag jaanaa ||17||

Vibhishana follows Shri Hanuman's Advice

Vibhishana (brother of Ravana) totally followed your counsel and became the king of Lanka for this very reason.This fact is renowned the world over.

Juge sahastra jojan par bhaanu |

Leelyo taahi madhur phal jaanu ||18||

Baba Hanuman Leaps to Swallow the Sun

You swallowed the sun which is at a distance of two thousand yojans(a measure of distance reckoned as between 4 to 18 miles), assuming it to be a sweet fruit.

Prabhu mudrika meli mukh maheen |

Jaldhi laanghi gaye achrach naaheen ||19||

Shri Hanuman Crosses the Mighty Ocean

Keeping the signet ring of Lord Rama in your mouth, you easily crossed over the mighty ocean, which is not a matter of astonishment.

Durgam kaaj jagat ke jete ||

Sugam anugreh tumhare tete ||20||

Tough Feats are Performed by the Grace of Shri Hanuman

All the tough tasks in this world which seem a burden can be simply overcome by your grace.

Ram duware tum rakhvaare |

Hoat na aagya binu paisare ||21||

Shri Hanuman Guards the Entry to Lord Rama

You are the sentry of Lord Rama's abode. No one can gain entry into his durbar or royal court without your consent.(In other words it is essential to have your mercy for attaining Lord Rama's grace.)

Sab sukh lahai tumhari sarna |

Tum rakshak kaahu ko darnaa ||22||

Shri Hanuman Protects His Devotees

The one who seeks your refuge gets all the joys of this mundane world. Above all the person who has your protection need not fear anything.

Aapan tej samhaaro aapei |

Teenon lok haank te kaanpai ||23||

The Three Lokas Tremble when Shri Hanuman Thunders

Solely you can take control of your mighty energy. All the three lokas (cosmological regions) tremble (with fear) when you thunder.

Bhoot pisaach nikat nahin aavain |

Mahavir jab naam sunaavain ||24||

Lord Mahaveer, ghosts and evil spirits can not lurk near devotees who chant your name!


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