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Prem Sudha Dhara: Triptaji

(page 85)

The Romantic Dalliance of Sri Radha-Krishna in Vrindavan

Sri Hari

Sri Vrindavan Dhaam

3rd December 1967

Dear Tripta,

With love, Jai Sri Hari!

Tripta,the metaphorical search of the impassioned soul for union with the god is centered within earthly Vrindavana, its charming forests, picturesque nikunjas and down to the streams. As we enter upon our quest for Krishna the delights of Paradise are reflected as if by a cosmic mirror onto the plains. It is here that we find the spirited antics, fresh amorous frolics and charming romantic dalliances of the irresistably attractive Brajraj Sunder and his enchanting beloved, Kishori Radhika, resonating in the ethereal forests and groves.

The epitome of perfect beauty, Sri Radha is the paradigm of the seeker for ultimate reality.The play of Sri Radha-Krishna as they move into the mazes and mysteries of love does not pause at any time of all seasons in this celestial land. The terrifying rush of love enchanting us in the earthly streams and fields represents merely a mirrored illusion, a temporal reflection of the eternal Vrindavana where the god forever dwells.

Shri Bilavmangal Maharaj states that the supreme lover Krishna, dallies incessantly with the gopis, representing his hungering devotees. Seen as the object of longing with an attractiveness which is as mysterious as it is compelling, love-struck devotees would cast off their work and all their worldly cares,moving in a delicious anguish to Krishna's side on sensing his approach. Even the knowledge that the object of their desire was as capricious as the inconstant bee did not restrain the cowherdesses who were passionately drawn. He could be counted on to alight upon flower after flower, to savour its sweetness, intoxicated by sweetness itself.

Krishna, their elusive paramour, teasing sakhis and at times involved in an intimate passionate frolic with some beauty in a nikunja or bower, is celebrated as the quintessential romantic hero. Steadfast and fickle at the same time; he empties the filled water jar of one sakhi and loads the empty one of another. Giving sidelong glances, he glides ahead with the rhythm of his supple limbs, putting a fawn to shame. Enchanting all in the process, Krishna encompasses the masculine power of the cosmos arrayed in fresh passionate dalliances.

Once Sri Radha-Krishna were engrossed in an intoxicating playful dalliance in such a nikunja...For how long?...Who knows? The two celebrated and realized their love-play to lofty aesthetic heights, sparing no pleasurable effort, loving overtures and fresh nuances. Impassioned Krishna, delighting in its cascading sweetness; 'Vatim madhur-shamit madhur' or succeeding episodes of the pathos of longing and joy of belonging. (Revered Sakhaji has given a beautiful portrayal; confirming that the interdependence of separation and union is the distinguishing attribute of Shri Radha-Krishna's love play.)

Breaking out of their reverie, Sri Radha-Krishna smiled and proceeded to their respective dwellings. Meanwhile some sakhis had found out about this romantic escapade and saw the impassioned pair strolling along. They hid themselves momentarily and later confronted Sri Radha still enraptured by the amorous frolic. Entering the bhavan, Sri Radha had a bath and got dressed. After the entire exercise her mind was still hovering around the delightful incidence.

The loving tenderness of Sri Krishna, sensual but not lustful was embedded in her eyes. His ardent longing, humble entreaties and winsome manners assuring her that not only is there truth in love but that love is truth. She stood in front of a mirror probably to comb her hair but was immersed in the joyous abandon of that special moment once again. Soon after, becoming conscious she smiled. Precisely then the spirited herd of sakhis arrived.

One of them teased,"Admiring yourself in the mirror you are amused! I very well know, you are thrilled on beholding the enchanting form of your supreme lover in your attractive eyes. Reflecting intensely at his madhurya or sweetness delights you; while I am joyous on sighting your charming demeanour and excitingly frenzied state. Kishori, you are not in your senses at the moment! I am well aware of your condition. Just imagine we have caught you red-handed and now you can not conceal anything from us! Absorbed as you are in this fascinating infatuation, we will not pass any comment."

Okay then, Jai Sri Hari.

With Love,

Yours Bobo.

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