Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Navratras: Ma Kaalratri is Worshipped on the Seventh Navratra

Maha Saraswati
Maha Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge, Learning and Art is revered for the next set of three days. It is an implicit belief that her worship enhances the spiritual knowledge of a devotee, freeing him of all materialistic bonds and earthly attachments.

Durga, the Mother Goddess

The seventh form of Durga, the Mother Goddess, is Ma Kaalratri and She is worshipped on the seventh day of the Navratras.

Ma Kaalratri

Ma Kaalratri

Black or blue-hued like the ratri or night with flowing tresses, Kaalratri is the seventh form of Nav-Durga. Her neck is adorned with necklaces flashing like lightening. She has three bright eyes which are round like the universe and terrible flames emanate from her breath. Her vehicle is a faithful donkey.

Her raised right hand grants boons to all worshippers and her right lower hand is in the mudra of allaying fears, thus making her devotees fearless. Her left upper hand clutches a cleaver, made of iron and there is a mashal or torch held in the lower left hand. She is black-hued like Goddess Kali. Acclaimed as the destroyer of ignorance, Kaalratri is the scourer and enemy of darkness. Her posture of protection assures us of freedom from the miseries of this mundane world.Being auspicious she is also hailed as ‘Shubhamkari’ – one who does good.

Ma Kaalratri Annihilates Raktabeeja
She killed Raktabeeja (a asura who had the power to produce a demon from every drop of blood that fell from his body.) The Goddess eventually licked the blood before it trickled to the ground and hence conquered and overpowered him.


Bruce said...

It is my understanding that Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, above all gods (small case 'g') and therefore there need be no worship of any personality other than Krsna...this is the lesson given by Krsna's pastime in lifting Govardhana Hill, as the residents of His village were to worship Indra for that demigod's blessing of rains needed for the Vaishayas' crops...comment?? Bruce

HariHarji said...

Lord Krishna and Ma Durga

In Hindu mythology Durga is Shakti, the divine feminine energy. According to a legend, Lord Brahma granted a boon to Mahishasur, the buffalo demon. Armed with infinite power, the asura ventured to Heaven or Swargaloka to kill Indra who begged Lord Shiva for help. Enraged at such blatant misuse of Brahma’s boon, Shiva along with Vishnu and Brahma, released their energies. The shaktis of the Trinity flashed forth and fused together, bringing to life a magnificent Goddess resplendent with many arms.

Acclaimed as Durga, she was ravishingly beautiful and deadly. The armed Durga rode a Lion and fought a fiercely bloody battle with Mahishasur, raging for nine days and nights.Finally on the tenth day, Durga trampled him under her foot and Mahishasur was killed, saving the universe from his reign of terror. The Goddess’s triumph because of her innate divinity symbolizes the victory of good over evil.Therefore these nine days are devoted to propitiation of the Mother Goddess or Shakti Incarnate, in particular.

Whereas Shri Giriraj is the mount blessed by dark-hued Krishna's touch and if one circumambulates the mount just once, he is expiated from all sins.Finally attaining Krishna, his favoured deity, the devotee goes to Vaikuntha because Shri Radha’s Pranvallabha or Lord Krishna forever dwells in Mount Govardhan.
Shri Giriraj is extremely fortunate because Lord Krishna lifted it on his little finger for seven days at a stretch to protect the denizens of Braj from the fury of Indra’s devastating rain. It is here that Lord Krishna spreads his joy and expresses his love and the elements of nature are perceived as living sentient beings.The white clouds, the earth and bamboo trees are instilled with one mood one emotion which pervades the atmosphere that of ecstatic devotion.