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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Seventy-fourth Shloka

capalya-sima capalanubhavaika-sima,
chaturanana-shilpa-sima |
tad idam vraja-bhagya-sima ||74||

Simple Meaning:

Krishna, the Zenith of Auspiciousness for Braja

Here is that Krishna, the acme of ficklenss, the sole ultimate goal of the existence of fickle-minded Braja milkmaids, the zenith of cleverness, extreme perfection of four-faced Brahma's artistic skill, the limit of sweet fragrance, the uttermost embodiment of all sorts of romantic dalliances, the culmination of good fortune and the zenith of auspiciousness for Braja.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna, the Acme of Fickleness

 This Krishna is the zenith of fickleness which resides in every limb of His and can rarely be found elsewhere. He is the acme of the Braj maidens' deep love experience, of love centred on Krishna, which is difficult to find elsewhere. He is the peak of cleverness as well. There is no one as adept as in Him in dancing-singing, flute play, other graceful fine arts and the skill of dallying romantically.

'aapu pragat bha-e bidhi na banaa-e: Lord Krishna is the zenith of the beauteous form, sweetness and charm of this creation created by Brahma the Creator. (Shri Manas)

Lord Krishna, the Limit of Sweet Fragrance

 Similarly Lord Krishna is the limit of sweet fragrance. Just by His touch various kinds of fragrance are produced in fragrant substances like flowers, aloe (wood) and musk.

'tadansh saurabhanant kotyanso vishwamohanah |
tatsparsha-pushpagandhadi nana-saurabh sambhavah ||

Krishna, the Utmost Embodiment of Romantic Dalliance

 Shri Billavmangalji had splendidly experienced this mischievous Shiromani's fickleness, cleverness, beauteous form, fragrance and unique romantic dalliance. He exults that brajjan bhagyaseem... Krishna, is the epitome of good fortune... the limit of fickleness. Even on listening to the irritable talk of the gopis He does not sacrifice His capriciousness. It is dancing in every fiber of His being. With agility He circulates some intoxicating sweet fickleness in these hundreds of young gopis and relishes the same Himself, becoming the zenith of  bliss which is generated thereof.

Shri Radha Sudha Nidhi

 Do not ask about His clever moves. The adherents of 'Shri Radha Sudha Nidhi say that this mischieous Krishna is the stealer of someone's heart, the stealer of someone's love play, He opens someone's veni or braid, gets entangled in the noose of someones' locks of hair, releases someone from His bond and encloses someone in His embrace. Krishna is the treasure trove of hundreds of such clever moves, He is the epitome of cleverness.

Krishna Enjoys a Midday Meal with His Friends

 The entire artistic skill of Brahma loses out in front of this ineffably beautiful Krishna.Seeing the Supreme Personality of Godhead snatching food from the cowherds as enjoying the midday meal with His friends in Vrindavan,Brahma was deluded. He assumed that this young boy Krishna could certainly not be the Brahmand Nayak or the Supreme Personality of Godhead. To test Him Brahma stole all the cowherds and calves, took them to a different place and locked them up. A year later he came and saw that everything was going on as earlier. Every day Kanhaiya would take the cows for grazing from Vrindavan and return in the evening with them.

Astonished, Brahma Raves about the Good Fortune of Braj Denizens:

aho bhagyam aho bhagyam nanda-gopa-vrajaukasam
yan-mitram paramanandam purnam brahma sanatanam ||
( Srimad Bhagavatam 10.14.32)

How greatly fortunate are Nanda Maharaja, the cowherd men and all the other inhabitants of Braj Bhoomi! There is no limit to their good fortune, because the Absolute Truth, the source of transcendental bliss, the eternal Supreme Brahman, has become their friend.”

saurabh seem :

The Gopis Search for Krishna

The darling son of Nanda is the epitome of fragrance as well. Fragrance cascades from every limb of His. Some sweet scent flows when He breathes in and out. Braj gopis are intoxicated by His sweet scent and they give Krishna full liberty to do whatever He wants. His beloved gopis wander from one forest to another in search of Him. They manage to reach the kunja or nikunja where the clever Shiromani is hiding. Dark-hued Krishna's body smell deliciously draws the gopis to to His side, and ultimately they reach where He is hiding. They are perfectly acquainted with His body fragrance.

adbhut keli seem :

The Rasa Lila

There is the appearance of some unique romantic dalliance in Him. Seeing Lord Krishna merrily dallying with three hundred thousand gopis in the Maharasa, Shir Billavmangalji is wonderstruck. All the sports along with their arts reach their zenith only in Krishna.

Shukdevji has clearly said in the 'Shrimad Bhagvat:' Krishna duplicated Himself through His maya so that between two gopis was found a Krishna, sporting with them in the magical dance of the Raas Mandala, assuming as many forms as was necessary to make each gopi happy. '

Who can possibly describe the great good fortune of the denizens of Braj, the playground where the Supreme Personality of Godhead sports as a young Boy. Even goddess Lakshmi ardently longs to attain the dust of the feet of Braj gopis.

Surdas says:

Surdas Exults About the Good Fortune of Braj Denizens

 jo rasa brahmadi nahin payo
so rasa gokul galin bahayo |
badhbhagi yeh sab brajvasi
jinke sang khelaon avinashi || 


Lord Krishna Tells the gopis that He Will never be able to pay off their debt:

'na paraye ham niravadya-samyujam
sva-sadhu-krtyam vibudhayusapi vah
Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.32.22)

Krsna told the gopis, “I have nothing to give you in return for serving Me like this. What to speak of My own lifetime, even if I lived hundreds of thousands of times longer than the gods, I would be unable to return a single drop of such service. Only you, by your graciousness and liberal character, can set Me free from that debt.”

The clever, fickle darling son of Nanda is the zenith of this Mahotsav of romantic dalliance.

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