Sunday, May 25, 2008

Canada, USA, UK to follow soon

I salute the Indian Diaspora who are far away physically but their heart is very much in India, immersed in Vrindavan and the holy feet of Bihariji, Saints and their likes. Let Divine Grace of the Lord bless us all. Their humility and innocence are to be highly respected and honoured. The secret lies in a true story that I will share with you as of now.

It so happened that there were two sages. Their Guru assured the first one," You will realise God in your next birth." Soon enough he left the Ashram to enjoy worldly pleasures since he assumed he could do Sadhana in the next birth.

To the second sage it was confirmed that his God realisation will take place after millions of births! He got deeply immersed in Bhajans and began dancing. He was convinced that his prayers were gradually noticed by God and the Lord would appear before Him at least in some birth. And guess what, God appeared immediately!

The immortal discourse of ‘Bhagwad Gita’ confirms this truth. Lord Krishna enlightens Arjuna:

"I am nearest as well as farthest to you totally depending upon your Bhavna ........"

Centuries later Goswami Tulsidassji re-enforces the same statement when He assures us in Sunderkaand of the Ramayana:


In fact May 24 is Maharajji's utsav. When all Devotees gathered yesterday at Lalji's home in Faridabad for Maharajji's Utsav, Poojya Manohar Baba vehemently insisted that all of us should arrange a monthly Sankirtan in all localities. Following this route precisely like Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu or 20th Century's Lord Chaitanya : Sri Maharajji, divinity would pervade the ambience, with everyone attaining religious merit

And He confirmed that the cities referred to could be abroad, say Canada, USA , UK and so on.

* The Sankirtan would purify us and cleanse the environs.

** The process would get rid of all sins, alleviate diseases and makes us happy along with being stress-free.

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