Friday, May 27, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 169

Raag Sorath

The Loving Tenderness of Lord Ram

jo mohi raam laagte meethe |

taau navras shatras-ras anaras havaai jaate sab seethe ||1||

banchak bishay bibidh tanu dhari anubhave sune aru ddeethe |

yah jaanat haaun hriday aapne sapne na aghaai ubeethe ||2||

tulsidaas prabhu son ekhin bal bachan kahat ati dheethe |

naamkee laaj raam karunaakar kehi na diye kar cheethe ||3||

The Navrasas or Nine Pleasures

If I had found Shri Ramchandra ji to be sweet & loving, the navras (nine rasas or pleasures of aesthetic emotions like sweet love,humour, compassion, heroism, rage, fearsome, disgust, wonder and serenity, characterising a literary work)

The Six Rasas or Flavours

and the six rasas or flavours (bitter,pungent, sweet, astringent, sour and salty,the six tastes of food) would have seemed tasteless and insipid. (But Ram ji does not appear lovingly tender and that is the reason why sensual enjoyments seem pleasing) ||1||

Salvation, the Highest Truth

Having taken on various kinds of bodies, I have experienced plus I have heard and seen that (worldly) enjoyments are frauds. (Misleading us in this illusory world of maya, they annihilate the wealth of the highest truth which is salvation)Although I am very well aware of this fact in my heart, nevertheless my mind is never bored of being sated by them (worldly pleasures) even in my dreams. (how worthless is this act?)||2||

The Name of Shri Ram Grants Mukti

But Tulsidas makes this bold statement on the basis of just one powerful trait of Shri Raghunath ji, his svami. O Nath! Being compassionate haven't you given written authority to so many people (for releasing them from the bondage of this material world), to protect the honour of your name.?(Whosoever takes your name he is certainly granted the right of mukti or salvation.Therefore, I am also endorsing the same truth)||3||

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