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'Shri Krishna-Karnamrita:' Seventy-sixth Shloka

tejase 'stu namo dhenu-  
paline loka-paline |  
shayine shesha-shayine ||76||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna is Smitten by Radha Rani

 I pay obeisance to the incomparable personification of splendour (Krishna), who reclines on the sloping breasts of Radha at one end and sleeps on the reclining couch of Sheshnag at the other end. In spite of being the protector of the three worlds He brings the work of the cowherds in Braj to a successful conclusion.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Vishnu Reclining on Sheshnag

He is the same young gopa who nurtures all the lokas but takes cows for grazing in Braj, out of affection. He is the same Tribhuvannayak, Lord Vishnu who reclines on Sheshnag's couch but forgetting all the grandeur He resides in Shri Radha's heart and dallies with Her while clinging to Her heart and bosom. I respectfully salute the same Krishna who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

At one end Shri Billavmangalji raves about the grandeur and divine credentials of Lord Krishna, and at the other end he talks about Krishna being overwhelmed with love for Braj maidens and Braj bhoomi, His fond affection for Braj cowherds, cows and calves, and the affection which has compelled Him to appear in pastoral Braj.

Brahmand Nayak Krishna Takes Cows for Grazing

tejase : This is the same personified splendour of Brahma, the Brahmand Nayak who is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of all the universes. Krishna creates and nurturers several lokas by mere conception. That same Supreme Personality of Godhead has assumed the form of a blue-hued lustre, has reared cows and taken them for grazing in the many forests of Braj. Furthermore, He has adopted the names of Govinda or cowherd and Gopala or the protector of cows.

Govinda Dotes on Cows

Krishna dotes on cows. Therefore, making sounds such as hiyo hiyo (come come) to instruct them He takes them along for grazing. Dark-hued Krishna frolics with the gopas. Assuming the guise of a cowherd boy He encircles the cows and caresses them with His hands. At times Krishna puts His arms around their tender necks and stands. He goes on to clean their hooves with His pitambar or yellow sash. Moreover,Krishna has named the cows. Through His flute Krishna takes the name of each one of them and calls out to these cows. Some cow's name is Shyama, another is Gauri and yet another one is Kamada or Bhori. Steeped in fond affection for Krishna, they too come running towards him. Milk starts flowing from the teats of these cows on their own accord. Krishna lovingly dotes on them.

Krishna is Fond of Cows & They Love Him

Picking up some calf Krishna snuggles him in His lap and ties the tails of two calves at times. As they frolic and gambol along He proudly watches them and laughs aloud. Furthermore, the cows and calves stare adoringly at Krishna without blinking. The cows infinitely love this Gopala.


Particularly on Gopashtami, Krishna is eagerly waiting to take the cows for grazing. He wakes up in the morning itself on this day. Having breakfast Krishna merrily sets out for the forest, taking the sakhas and cows along.

Krishna Sings When He Takes Cows for Grazing

aawat gokul chand dekho ree |
apne hee ju banaya banawat gayan ke pad chhand dekho ree ||
(Shri Gadadhar Bhatt)
Composing padas or verses and chhands or quatrians Krishna joyously sings them as He prances along.

dhenu- paline loka-paline : Krishna is such that affection for the cows is gushing forth in Him.

Krishna Dallies with Braj Beauties

Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh rear and take care of the three lokas, for certain. Handing over this burden to them Krishna dallies with beauties in pastoral Braj, smitten by love for them.

Shri Radha-Krishna Steeped in Love

The supremely pure heart of Shri Kishori-Radhika is the site where Krishna rests and dallies. Soaked in love, the kunj of Shri Kishoriji's heart is where He frolics about. Her heart is the ocean of nectar while Krishna Himself is the ocean of nectarean love, and He forever reclines on that ocean of rasa.

 Shri Radha-Krishna are Inseparable

 Shri Hit Harivanshji, the composer of 'Shri Radha Sudha Nidhi,' has called blue-hued, ineffably beautiful Krishna the ornament of Shri Radha's breasts:
Krishna, the blued-hued lustre of Brahma, is forever clinging to Shri Radha's heart, and does'nt separate from Her for even a moment.

The Lord of Shri Radha's Heart

shayine shesha-shayine

Shri Billavmangalji perceives the perfect form of Lord Krishna as the supreme controller of lokas and the divine play of His romantic dalliance with Braj beauties in this shloka at the same time.

This beautiful young supreme lover is the Lord of Shri Radha's heart. Day in and day out Krishna dallies in Her body, mind and soul. He is Her heart's beloved, the very essence of Her life. Love surges forth in both their hearts. Coloured by passion and love, passionate Krishna rests on the bosom of Shri Radha. I respectfully salute that brilliant blue-hued lustre which forever dallies in the forest of Radha's heart, says Billavmangalji.

Krishna Begs Kishoriji for Her Love

Shri Kishoriji is the personification of love, the ocean of madhurya or sweetness, and the ocean of love. Yearning for fragrant love, Krishna forever frolics on the site of Radha Rani's heart. Look, this Supreme Lover irrigates the entire herd of sakhis with the river of His love and grants extreme joy to them, However, He begs Kishoriji for Her love. Gathering love from every fiber of their being, the rasa of both Radha and Krishna is equivalent. 

Krishna, the Cowherd, in Braj

Shri Billavmangalji says that Krishna who sustains the three lokas is a cowherd boy in Braj. We are paying obeisance to that same repository of lustre who reclines on the couch of Shesha.

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