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33rd & 34th Verses of Shri Hanuman Bahuk and Shri Ramraksha Stotra

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 33rd Verse

Tere bal baanar jitaaye ran Raavanson,

Tere ghaale jaatudhaan bhaye ghar-gharke |

Tere bal Raamraj kiye sab surkaaj,

Sakal samaaj saaj saaje Raghubarke ||

Tero gungaan suni geerbaan pulkat,

Sajal bilochan biranchi Hari harke |

Tulsike maathepar haath phero keesnaath,

Dekhiye na daas dukhee tose kanigarke ||

Your might made the monkeys triump over the demons and these evil forces were dispelled from every home because you ruined them.

Relying on your valour, king Ramchandraji fulfilled the complete task of the gods, and you were the one who decorated the array of Raghunathji's social order.The deities are ecstatic on hearing your glories being sung, while Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh turn teary-eyed with emotion. Oh the svami of vanaras or monkeys! Caress Tulsi's forehead. Your slaves are never seen to be suffering since you know how to protect the honour of your dignity.

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 33rd Verse

Manojavam maarut tulya vegam

Jitendriyam buddhi mattam varishttham

Vaataatmjam vaanar youth mukhyam

Shri Ram dootam Sharanam prapadye ||

I take refuge in the son of the Wind God, a leader of the monkey forces, an envoy of Lord Rama, whose movement is like the mind and whose speed equals the wind, who is perfectly chaste and supreme amongst the intelligent, who is foremost of the learned and the great messenger of Shri Rama.

Shri Hanuman Bahuk: 34th Verse

Paalo tere tookko parehoo chook mookiye na,

Koor kaaurhee dooko haaun aapnee aur heriye |

Bhoraanaath bhorehee sarosh hot thore dosh,

Poshi toshi thaapi aapno na avderiye ||

Anbu too haaun Ambuchar, amb too haaun dimbh, so na,

Boojhiye bilamb avlamb mere teriye |

Baalak bikal jaani paahi prem pahichaani,

Tulseekee baanh par laameeloom pheriye ||

I have been brought up on your leftovers, do not become silent on my making a mistake. I am a worthless adopter of the wrong course, but you must have a look at yourself.

Oh Bholenath! (a title of Shiva, the simply innocent one, Hanumanji is an incarnation of Shiva) It is due to your gullible nature that you become offended by a slight mistake. Becoming content, settle me by taking me into your shelter. Do not make me miserable by assuming that I am your sevak (attending to your needs).

If you are water I am like a fish and in case you are the mother I am an infant. Do not delay since I solely rely on you for support. Protect me by knowing that your child is distressed, and by identifying love. Caress Tulsi's arm with your long tail (which will eradicate the pain.)

Shri Ramraksha Stotra: 34th Verse

Koojantam Ram raameti madhuram madhuraaksharam I

Aaruhya Kavitaa Shakhaam vande Vaalmikilokilam ||

Sage Valimiki

I make obeisance to the black cuckoo of Valmiki who sitting on the branch of poetry, chirps the melodious name of Ram-Ram.

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