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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Sixty-third Shloka

kada nu kasyam nu vipad-dashayam ,
karunambudhir nah |
vilocanabhyam vipulayatabhyam -
vishayi-karoti ||63||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna, the Ocean of Mercy

When will some dire distress of mine make Krishna, the ocean of mercy who bears the fragrance of fresh youth, focus His attention on me by looking at me with His wide eyes?

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Bees of our Minds are Drawn by dark-hued Krishna

This shloka of the 'Krishna Karnamrita' is so beautiful, it is the desirable expression of Shri Billavmangalji Maharaj. 'kaishora-gandhih' and 'karunambudhir' are particularly excellent. Truly, the enchanting heart stealing nectarean gush of rasa1 does not remain imprisoned in the budding flower of Krishna's Youth but bursts forth. Its sweet intoxicating fragrance attracts the capricious black bees of our minds and makes them yearn for rasa. The rasika Billavmangalji is thus indicating at some stateof anguish which arises due to this yearning for rasa.

Shri Billavmangalji Longs to Behold Lord Krishna

 Alas! Alas! Just look at this pitibale state. You are the ocean of compassion and I am seized by acute anguish. What greater plight is needed for wide-eyed Lord Krishna, the ocean of mercy, to look at us and make us the focus of His attention?

Ever Youthful Krishna

 My very life, my heart's beloved, tell me what should I do now ? I can not wait any longer! Come and deliver me from this agony arsing because of not being able to behold You! Fresh Youth! Alas! When will you look at me with your wide eyes! O youthful Supreme Lover ! Which greater misfortune is going to befall on me which You are waiting for, O Lord? Aren't you able to see my painful suffering? Then why this delay? O Master of mine! Thirsting for some rasa, my mind is restless, all the limbs of my body are yearning for some tender touch, there is deep pain residing within me. My eyes are thirsting since ages, they are eagerly desirous to relish the charm of some fragrant Youth.

Lotus Eyes of dark-hued Krishna

 Ah! What is the outcome of this irrepressible pain afflicting my heart and soul? O Lord come, do not make any delay now. I have wandered aimlessly in all directions and observed that there is no joy or peace anywhere. Oh Hari! This mind of mine does not stop being eagerly desirous in wanting to behold You. Alas! What greater adversity could befall me ? Looking at me once with Your large beautiful lotus eyes make my heart and soul, the inner core of mine being, the focus of your attention.

 'shamitam madhuram, vamitam madhuram '

Your blue-hued youthful body becomes the subject of every limb of mine. I start ardently longing to behold it, touch it and relish it. My desire for relishing rasa is fulfilled by You and in You. Come-come my heart's beloved, my very life. Make me drink such a potion with Your large lotus eyes and arouse such an ardent longing in me that it is pacified only on being connected with You; so that the cyclical movements of 'shamitam madhuram, vamitam madhuram2' which means 'His oblations or offerings are sweet and His serenity is also very sweet,' never come to an end.

Calling out for Lord Krishna

 O Lord !O Master! O Essence of everything! When will You fulfil this desire of mine? Let us merge our feeble call with Shri Billavmangalji's yearning and call out in the same direction.

1Krishna is rasa or the highest taste and Radha is prema or the means of tasting it. Krishna is full in himself, yet he is full of love, and love is never satisfied with itself. To taste Himself more fully He manifests as two—Radha and Krishna.
2Madhuram: fifth verse of 'madhurashtakam by Shripad Vallabhacharyaji

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Really in this shloka Sh.Bilavmangalji wishes a look from sh.Navalkishore in a simplest way.Here it is written very beautifully & explained with beautiful pictures.
Thank you!