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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Fiftieth Shloka

lagnam muhur manasi lampata-sampradaya- ,
lekhavalehini rasajsha-manojsha-vesham |
rajyan-mridu-smita-mridullasitadharamshu ,
rakendu-lalita-mukhendu mukunda-balyam ||50||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna as Mukunda, Grants Salvation

The adolescent fickleness of Mukunda which is constantly fond of relishing drawings from the licentious tradition, clings to my mind. The charming appearance of that Mukunda enraptures the minds of conoisseurs. The full moon adulates the sweet beauty of Mukunda or Lord Krishna's moon like face and offers itself to Him.The glowing lustre of Krishna's lips is passionate and reddens His sweet tender smile (or His kunda flower-like teeth are reddened by the brilliant radiance of His gentle smile.)

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Adolescent Beauty of Mukunda

Shri Bilavmangal ji is remembering the capricious playfull dalliances of Lord Krishna, again and again. How flirtatious are His eyes? How are His trembling lips and so on. Saying that the adolescent fickleness of Mukunda has constantly clung to my mind, he expresses his helpnessness.He does not know how this captivaing form of Krishna entered His heart and left its indelible mark.

Braj Gopis Passionately Drawn to Krishna

How is that appearance of Mukunda? Bilavmangal ji says that the radiant white laughter of the kunda flower is splashed across His face, the redness of Krishna's lips is further impassioned by His sweet tender smile, which is flowing even from His eyes. The One whose face is caressed and served by the moon faces of horde of Braj gopis. Besides, the gopis ardently long to fill the rasa or divine love which gushes from His eyes, His loving passion and His exuding captivating charm, in every fiber of their being. My mind is as absorbed in that captivating Natwar Mukunda of the libertine tradition, as some indelible colour stains a piece of cloth.

Bilavmangal Steeped in the Divine Love of Krishna

As Bilavmangal ji reads one mark of that rasa or love play, the other leaves its mark. Reading them all the time even his mind has become licentious, his ardent longing to relish the rasa or divine love has become very strong and this makes him constantly steeped in the romantic dalliance of Lord Krishna.

 Lord Krishna Romantically Dallies with a Sakhi

Once the Supreme Lover, adept at capriciousness, touched the eyes of some sakhi with His lips, which left a mark on His lipe. When the sakhi looked at His red lips she saw them marked by the collyrium of her eyes, and was very embarassed that it would reveal their love play to the sakhis.She watered those marks with the rasa of her lips, and her lips got steeped in rasa. Simultaneously, she collected the nectarous rasa of the Supreme Lover's lips. The dark-hued Krishna was generous in giving the rasa as well as relishing it.

Dark-hued Krishna & a Sakhi on an Autumnal Full Moon Night

Both Lord Krishna and the sakhi were steeped in the ocean of rasa. The autumnal full moon night was the only one watching their dalliance. The autumnal moon with it necatarine cool moonbeams soothing the exertion of this couple was co-operating with their divine romantic dalliance which went on constantly. The credit for this goes to the autumnal night and autumnal full moon. The dense nikunja, moonlight couch, the threefold cool fragrant breeze blowing gently, soothing their exertion meant arousing their desire.

The Sidelong Glance of Adolescent Krishna

 Krishna's moonface, dallying with adolescence. A charming smile adorns His beautiful lotus face. Making a person entering the boundary of that sidelong glance surrender completely to Him, indicates Krishna's licentiousness. All the limbs of this Natwar are studded with ornaments. A sweet blue-hued body, a moonlike face decorated with round cheeks, a face decked with adornments sounding like the musical notes of Narada's vina. The decked up Krishna intoxicates us.

 Lord Krishna Decked with Ornaments & the Vanamala

On top of this, so many other embellishments, the vanamala, tinkling metal bracelets etc., doubly enrapture us. Captivating the hearts of gopis living in every corner of Vraja, His enchanting flute play is a weapon which passionately draws the gopis to the forest.

Shringar: sakhi! Murtimanmiv madhao mughdho hari: kridati |'

Rows of Sakhis Steeped in the Love of Krishna

Sakhi! Adornment, sweetness and adolescence incarnate, is absorbed in my heart. Rows after rows of Braj maidens are getting steeped in this capricious Krishna. Shri Bilavmangal ji belongs to the same tradition. Describing Shiromani Krishna who belongs to the libertine sect and his traidition, Bilavmangal ji presents his plight and what he wants.

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