Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vinaya Patrika: Surya Stuti

Surya Stuti

[ 2 }

The Sun God

Diina-dayaalu divaakara devaa | kara muni,manuja,suraasura sevaa ||1||

hima-tama-kari-kehari karamaalii | dahana dosha-dukha-durita rujaalii ||2||

koka-kokanada-loka-prakaasi | teja prataapa-ruupa-rasa-raasii ||3||

saarathi-pa:ngu, dibya ratha-gaamii | hari sa:nakara-bidhi-muurati svaamii ||4||

beda-puraana praga.ta jasa jaagai | tulasii raama-bhagati bara maangai ||5||

O Sun God, compassionate to the poor ! All the sages, human beings, gods and demons do your seva or attend to your needs. You are the lion, lord of the jungle, who destroys the elephants of darkness and frost; always wearing a necklace of sunbeams; who reduces our vices, griefs, evil deeds and diseases to ashes.You are the one delighting the Brahminy duck (cakva) by making it unite with its mate who has been separated at night, the one who makes lotuses bloom and the one who lights up all the lokas (cosmological regions).

You are the reservoir of brilliance, glory, beauty and joy. You traverse on a divine chariot and Aruna your charioteer also personified as the redness that accompanies the sunlight at dawn and dusk, is maimed. O Lord ! You are actually the visible form of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. Your glories sung in the Vedas and Puranas are dazzling. Tulsidas Das asks you to grant him the boon of religious devotion for Shri Ram.

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