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Shri Venu Geet: Eighth Shloka

Shri Krishna Dressed in Yellow & Shri Balaram in Blue
malanupruktaparidhana vichitraveshou |
madhye virejaturalam pasupalghoshtyam
range yatha natavarau kva cha gayamano ||
(Srimad Bhagavatam 10.21.8 )

Shri Krishna & Balaram Sing Amidst Sakhas

Meaning: “ O sakhi! When yellow garments flutter on dark-hued Shri Krishna's body and blue garments drape fair-complexioned Balram, who adorn themselves with newly blossomed mango shoots, peacock feather, bunches of flowers,as well as garlands of multicoloured lotuses and lilies-their appearance becomes so very amazing. At times when they both sit down right in the centre of assembled cowherd boys and strike the notes of a melodious song, it seems as if two skillful dancers are performing on the stage. O dear sakhi, how can I describe their majestic splendour at that point of time.”

Shri Krishna & Balaram Decked with the Vanamala & Lotuses

Commentary by Shri Manohar Baba: Wearing peacock feathers decked with newly sprouted mango shoots and clusters of flowers, their ears adorned with flower bunches, bracelets strung with blossoms on their wrists, armlets around their arms, girdles tied around their waists, flowers tucked into their dark locks, the five-coloured fragrant vanamalas hanging around their necks, flutter in joyous abandon. The newly bloomed and mildly fragrant blue lotuses beautify their right ears. Dressed in blue, yellow, green and multi-hued dresses-, adept at the art of dancing and singing when the two of them (Krishna-Balram) dance and sing amidst gathered sakhas,they look extremely attractive.

Sakhis Envy the Sakhas' Good Fortune 

Sakhi! Just look at the great good fortune of the sakhas. We are so unfortunate because we can not go and freely sight the ineffable beauty of the two brothers due to highly restrictive social conventions.The sole purpose of the two brother's shangar described in this shloka is that since they are mindful of their honour, the cowherdesses do not want to say anything clearly. Actually speaking, the village women gather in clusters and looking at the scene with the inner vision of their hearts, give a detailed account of Shri Krishna-Balram.
Shri Krishna, the Supreme Lover with Shri Radha, His Beloved
The other inner bhava-
Priya and Priyatam (Krishna, the Supreme Lover and Radha, His beloved) look so radiantly beautiful when they sing and dance amidst gathered sakhis.Both of them are wearing lovely mango shoots, peacock feathers adorned with bunches of flowers, are decked in multicoloured dresses, with lovely vanamalas garlanding their necks and blue lotuses tucked behind their right ears. 

Shri Radha and Krishna are Superb Dancers

Natvar-natvara (Natvar means Shri Krishna the Superb Dancer and natvara, stands for Shri Radha)

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