Thursday, October 17, 2013

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Fifty-third Shloka

kuca-kalasha-ghushrina-rasa-lasad-urasi deve |
muhur-adhika-mukha-kamala-madhurimani liye ||53||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Embracing a Gopi

In am absorbed in thinking of the Lord whose chest shines beautifully because of being smeared with the sandalwood paste of the pitcher like breasts of ardent gopis, whom Krishna has embraced. Incited to amorous battle by Kamdev's's flower arrows, the gopis are angered. Lord Krishna's gentle smile seems to  magnify the sweet beauty of His lotus face which is full of passionate delight and has stolen the splendour of the moon.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Dark-hued Krishna Pacifying a Gopi

What a unique shloka is this where the gopis are angered by some ardent intoxication,' kupita-mada-gopi' and Lord Krishna is delighted on bestowing and relishing the same passion, ' mad mudit mukhkamal.'

If someone is attracted by the anger of someone else and that too when He is the recipient of that anger, it seems strange. Moreover, tell us what is the reason of the gopis' anger; they should be pleased when the Lord's chest shines, 'lasad-urasi deve' but they are infuriated instead. Probably ecstatic love is hidden under cover of this anger. How could there be equally powerful manoeuvres on the battlefied without anger?

The Divine Love of Shri Radha-Krishna

The gopis were reclining on His chest but the Supreme Lover resorted to the same unmannerly conduct which is probably His distinctive style.
kuca-kalasha-ghushrina-rasa : what is worth applauding is that the mischievous Krishna is relishing rasa,, both their beautiful bodies are soaked in divine love.

 A Gopi Attracts Krishna

Above all what was the need to get angry? These Braj maidens are very clever; they attracted Krishna, capricious as a black bee, to relish some more pollen. That is why on being incited to battle by Kamdev's flower  arrows: kusumashara-shara-samara, putting even the beauty of the moon to shame, the Supreme Lover
became all the more engaged in passionate love play and expert amorous frolics. There was competition between playing the role and its end result.

  Lord Krishna's Lotus Face is the Gleaming Moon

Another wonder of Shri Bilavmangal ji is that he uses opposing phrases like 'shashi shobha ' and 'mukhkamal '. However, there is no contradiction in the realm of love. A lotus wilts with moonlight which is none other than the lustre suffusing Krishna's lotus face. Here, the moon's beauty and lotus face showcase the rapture and tenderness of divine love.

The Love Play of Lord Krishna & a Gopi

The One whose wide chest supports the tender body of some gentle maiden, whose lotus stalk like arms embrace some frail maiden and makes her long for love play, whose loving lips do not show the slightest mercy  while relishing rasa, what is the need of describing Him with adjectives like loving- tender!

Steeped in the Love of Krishna, the Supreme Lover

Shri Bilavmangal ji says that my heart is getting steeped in the One whose chest is smeared with the sandalwood paste of the gopis' pitcher like breasts, who is besotted by the intoxication of their amorous anger, a gentle smile is frolicking on His red bimba berries like lips, the One who is much brighter and radiant than the gleaming moon. How would the heart be, which can take respite by getting absorbed in Lord Krishna, that sole site of refuge-it is truly blessed. Will we also ever be endowed with such a heart?

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

This shloka is about true love of gopis & Lord Krishna.Bilavmangalji wants the same heart of Sh.Krishna
as mentioned in this shloka.72 Mentioned with beautiful pictures!!
thank you!