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Prem Rasamrit Dhara Letter No:15

Shri Dham Vrindavan

Priya Uma ,

"Krsne matir astu" ["Let your attention be on Krsna’s feet!"]."

Milk Should be Stored in A Clean Pot 

The unwavering state of an object is based on its being a true recipient. Milk can curdle if the vessel is not clean. If milk is stored in a pot in which curd had been set there is always fear of the milk curdling up.

 A Bumper Harvest

Unless the earth has been well heated by the blazing heat of Baisakh(April to May) and Jeshth (May to June) the soil will not become  fertile even if it rains. The need of adding manure made out of pure cow dung remains..Furthermore, only if there is protection from birds and animals which attack the crop, as well as windstorm and hailstorm which harm the crop can there be a bumper harvest.

 The Gopis Pray to Goddess Katyayani

Similarly there is constant expectation of being a good recipient for receiving Krishna, the treasure trove of rasa and His  madhurya rasa. Why did the Braj maidens who were walking on the path of loving devotion for Krishna since their very birth, have to bathe in the freezing cold and pray to Goddess Katyayani ?. Why did Krishna steal the gopis ‘clothes? Have you ever thought about the depth of these lilas’ seriousness?

 Rasa Nidhi Krishna Descends Amidst Gopis

Rasa keeps cascading from rasa nidhi Krishna, the treasure trove of rasa. Then why don’t we receive it? Talking about rasa and its lilas is easy but where will you acquire passionate love and a heart laden with relationship? This is what the Braj maidens talk about from the core of their hearts. They are not merely talking about Krishna; the Supreme Lover Himself descends amidst them as they sing His glories, and binds them in a perceptible and tight embrace. Whereas when we talk about the dark God, it appears pleasing to the ears but we are always mindful of observing certain norms of society and our elders.

 Gopis Searching for Krishna on Hearing His Flute Play

Krishna reveals Himself therefore one can meet Him only by overlooking highly restrictive social constraints. The dark God reveals or doesn’t reveal Himself according to the desire of every individual. To dream of the joy of attaining Krishna by talking about Him with a mind, steeped in the mundane world is wrong,. Only by complete surrenderance is passionate love for the dark-hued God awakened. It is easy to the talk about the Maha rasa of Sharad Purnima but running to the forest in delicious anguish as soon the gopis hear the Supreme Lover’s flute, where He is waiting for them, is no child’s play.  

 Shri Dham Vrindavan

Is the Shri Dham not beckoning you? Can’t you see the gopis running to this dham in front of you? Do you have any doubt about this realm and its happiness? Those who have been bound by infinite births by moha or attachment to family members are being compelled to  bear the unbearable pain and keep evading the message of the Supreme Lover to go to the Dham.

 Unless the mind is emptied of the good and bad thoughts of this world and does not ardently long for Krishna one should not expect to attain the Grace of God, or receive His Vision, this life is wasted.

 Dark-hued Krishna Blocks the Path of Gopis

Yes, Krishna is easily attainable and naturally appears to hold our hand but we too with pitcher placed on our head should intuitively walk on paths leading to the panghat where several Braj gopis are going. If we tread on the path of the gopis we can see that Krishna is present before us and is blocking our path leading to wells.

 Krishna Hugs His Beloved

Yes but we will have to totally shift our minds from this materialistic nature of man and absorb them in the Braj Bhoomi. And then it will take a moment for Him to arrive, hold our hand and hug us close to his heart. All the means adopted should be to empty the mind, and should act so speedily that memory of this mundane world is reduced to ashes.

Therefore if we love Krishna constantly, freely without purpose like the gopis who sing Krishna’s glories while milking cows, draining curds, washing clothes on the river banks and gathering in clusters at night  it will become so very easy for that handsome Supreme Lover to arrive.

Krishna Appears Before the Gopis

If He is the Supreme Lover we too will have to instinctively adopt the svarupa of His beloveds for dark-hued Krishna to speedily arrive from some kunj-nikunja and embrace us tightly and for us to be relishing His rasa.

Dark-hued Krishna's Moonlike Face

Special Trait: One should do japa by keeping Krishna’s moonlike face in mind. With a thirsting heart and an ardently longing mind one should adopt the means for attaining Krishna. There is the possibility of the Supreme Lover physically arriving at any  moment therefore one should wait with bated breath for Krishna’s arrival  and being physically present 

  There is No Difference Between the Name of Krishna & Krishna Himself

Jei nam sei Krsna bhaja nishta kari, namera sahite acchen apani Sri Hari
(traditional Vaishnava rhyme)
It means there is no difference between the Name of God and the God Himself, one needs to concentrate seriously on devotion to find Him adherent with the Name .

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