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Chapter 46: Journey to Mahavan-Gokul

Urged by the supreme lover Bobo's mind was drawn several times to Gokul or the dense forest connected with the divine play of Lord Krishna. Once she spent hours joyously absorbed in some bhava on banks of the Yamuna to the left just before the village.

Thakurani Ghat-Gokul
A look at the Shri Thakurani Ghat made her ecstatic and the sight of Shri Nand Ghat and Shri Vallabh Ghat tugged at her heartstrings.

Thakur GokulNathji
Meanwhile the sweetness of Shri Gokulnathji steeped her in a blissful experience many a time.

In 1989 Krishna Janamashtami was celebrated with joyous abandon in Vrindavan. It was decided that they would go to Barsana via Giriraj for the birth celebrations of Radharani. Along with Thakurji, revered Bobo, Sushila Bahenji and Vijay reached Goverdhan.

Bobo saw the beauteous forms of Priya-Priyatam posited on the dark-fair boulders of Shri Giriraj, overshadowing the dense nikunjas. Dark clouds had gathered and were rumbling . The parrot and mynah were busy raving about the romantic dalliance of Radha-Krishna. A peacock was strutting around enchanted by the condensed sky and dancing in ecstasy due to the dark god's closeness.

The clouds bent downwards to catch a glimpse of the yugal and the drizzle soon transformed into a deluge. Drenched,Radha-Krishna arranged their dishevelled hair and were busy squeezing their clothes. Smiling, they adored each other's majestic limbs and enraptured everyone. As if sensing their desire for a romantic dalliance, the rain weakened and a cool breeze blew. The terrifying rush of love escalated and Priya-Priyatam seated on the peak of Giriraj sent passionate messages to their beloved sakhis.

Every moment Bobo was engrossed in the playful dalliance of Radha-Krishna. It is tough to ascertain when she joined in the lila with her divine body.

Well this time also Bobo stayed for a couple of days in Giriraj absorbed in the divine play of Priya-Priyatam and came to Vrashbanupur to revel in the festivities of Priyaji's birth celebrations.

The joyous abandon of panchami (fifth day of a lunar half month)of bhadon (sixth month of the Indian lunar calendar,mid August to mid-September) in 1989 absorbed all the sakihs and Bobo in this joy.

Shri Chandravaliji

To present a gift to Chandravaliji on her birthday and grant the closeness of Krishna, Priyaji went to her along with the sakhis. Meanwhile the teasing paramour Krishna also reached to accept her secret love.

Shri Lalitaji

The very next day Shri Radha went to attend the festivities of her close sakhi Shri Lalita's birth celebrations. Remembering their love escapades with the handsome Shyam both of them were delighted. Always keen to give shape to his reminiscences, the dark god was busy listening to their spicy gossip.Hearing the sound of the blue-hued god both of them were startled and blushed. Everyone was ecstatic and the ensuing flow of rasa or bliss drenched all present.

At this end Vrashbhanupur was revelling in the joyous abandon of Kishori Shri Radha's birthday. Excited Braj gopis and gopas carrying novel gifts thronged at the entrance of Vrashbhanu Bhavan. The crowds of masses surging in the lanes and royal paths, singing melodies in different tones were amazing! Hearing the laughter and voice of Priyaji everyone was thrilled.The whole of Braj contributed in reaching the heights of elation and ecstasy.

And as for the darling son of Nanda! The thrill of rapture...was reflected in his mischievous roving eyes, was contained in the tinkling of his prancing feet and pervaded the varied colours of his garments.Steeped in that rasa Bobo's joyous abandon spilled over from her verses and she sang about the glorious celebrations.

Absorbed in the passionate playful dalliances of Priya-Priyatam Bobo was ecstatic.

The personas of saints are an ideal and herein I mean only those saints whose every moment revolves around Radha-Krishna.And the loving sacred couple who are support and caress their dedicated devotion and dependence at every step. And rather there is nothing separate or detached there.

This mundane world represents a mirrored illusion, a temporal reflection of Golok Dham where the dark god forever dwells. Even on appearing different they are identical. In case we want to know about that eternal world,and Braj which displays Krishna's presence and power, we must seek the refuge of Priya-Priyatam, their intimate sakhis and great saints steeped in those bhavas with firm resolve and absolute entrustment.

Revered Bobo

How can we explain the persona of revered Bobo and her condition. How far was her reach, her closeness to Radha-Krishna and intimacy with them? As far as we can gather from her hand-written compilations, sensitive perceptions put to verse and the sermons she gave, Bobo had a constant bond with Priya-Priyatam, taking part in their lilas with her divine body.

Simultaneously when we focus on her visible form, her loving tenderness, artistic disposition, unique mastery of poetry, we can affirm that such harmony is feasible only by a grand person like her where there is reverence, faith and feelings along with compounded intelligence.That is precisely the path to be adopted according to the shastras and the absolute refuge of god.

Well Bobo was busy revelling in the birth celebrations of Chandravaliji, Lalitaji and Kishori Radha in Vrashbhanupur.


All of a sudden it was decided that they leave for Gokul. Everything was fixed and around 10th-`12th September they left for Gokul. An arrangement to put them up in a place just outside the great forest was made. Everyone was pleased with the secluded site a bit distant from the village, its natural beauty and enchanting terrain. They recollected the supreme bhakta,Raskhanji on seeing a row of tall trees, undulating slopes and bucolic groves in the distance.

Bobo was delighted and rumbling clouds added to the scene. Relishing the hide and seek of sunshine and shade, revered Bhaiya, Bobo,Sushila Bahenji, Dulari Bahenji, Sneh Bahenji, Uthma, Uma,Darshan, Vimla Kapur,Tripta, Urmil, Malka, Sumitra, Saroj, Santosh, Santosh Narang, Sudesh, Kaaki, Pushpa, Deepa, Venu, Nirmal, Mrs.Sangra, Nirmal's mother, Kamda, Santosh Mahajan, Baby, Omi, Basheshur, Nirmala, Vijay, Anil and others left for Gokul situated on banks of the Yamuna. Right there Bobo saw the herd of sakhis amused by spirited antics of the enchanting Rasika.

“The prince of Gokul seated beneath a kadamba tree with both his feet spread out, holding a lotus in one hand and the flute in the other,was sitting at leisure. Dense clouds were gathering and the breeze tickled the trees plus creepers. With love lorn eyes and twisting the lotus in his hand,Krishna struck a note of some sweet love song. His tinkling anklets seem to be giving beat to the melody.

At a distance other sakhis were admiring the passionate supreme lover, lost in his ineffable beauty. All of a sudden the dark god raised his eyes and laughed on seeing those sakhis.They were thrilled on hearing their names called out and speedily...came to him on the pretext of calming their ardent longing. The dark god welcomed them with flowers and stood up as a mark of respect. And soon after everyone was absorbed in that rush of love.”

Revered Bobo adored this scene and her emotions was apparent by her intoxicated gait.Bobo along with her associates went to Gokul posited on the banks of Shri Yamuna.And was moved by surging dark waves of the daughter of Kalind (the mountain on which the river Yamuna rises).

Vallabhacharyaji Maharaj

Roaming around the sites of Shri Vallabhacharyaji Maharaj delightedly, she had darshan of Gokulnath Shri Thakur whose splendid beauty is inexpressible.

Dauji Maharaj

The next day she went to have darshan of Dauji Maharaj offering flowers to express her reverence.

Brahmand Ghat

Then via Brahmand Ghat she sighted several sites renowned for Shri Krishna's playful dalliances as a child and returned.

Therein she also visited Raman Reti in Gokul

Raskhan Tila

and Raskhan Tila.She relished the site steeped in Raskhan's love flowing towards the Lord.The undulating slopes, wild terrain, bucolic groves and the secluded site gives form to padas sung by the greatly fortunate Raskhan even as of today. Truly blessed is this Muslim poet saint, surpassing hundreds of Hindus.

Shri RadhaRani

The very next day she left for the village Raval, where Priyaji manifested. And was so impressed by this site full of nikunjas on banks of the Yamuna that she longed to stay on for a few days.

Residing for some days in Mahavan (Gokul) and sending everyone to their respective places, she came to Vrashbhanupur as was her regime. And began relishing the romantic dalliance of this passionate yugal again.During this stay while going through Gahar Van she saw their amorous frolic and was spellbound.

“Today this teasing paramour Krishna thought of a new prank and draped a blue veil around himself, putting one end on his shoulder.

In the guise of a woman, Krishna stood amidst the sakhis.It seemed as if a capricious black bee hid amidst lotuses and the sakhis could not figure out even on being so sharp.In a short while Priyaji came clad in rosy pink clothes.She had been hiding there amongst the creepers and plotting with handsome Shyam so that no one could unveil their secret. But as soon as entered, the sakhis, her replications, could gather what was on. All the gopis,Kishori Radha and handsome Krishna were absorbed in a romantic dalliance which ensued."

During that time span Bobo went to Unch Gaon. Rows of green trees had a narrow track, the clear highlands of Unch Gaon peeped from a distance, with a mountain range at the other end. Bobo was constantly chatting with her friend Sushilaji when Shri Lalitaji's clever sweetness accosted them Suddenly Bobo lifted her eyes and saw:

“Clad in a green saree Lalitaji is seated in her high balcony. Staring fixedly far away she seems lost in a reverie. Her right hand moves mechanically from top to bottom of her saree's edge. Sitting on the branch of a tree beforehand, the gaze of handsome Shyam falls on her shimmering saree. The very next second he jumps and speedily reaches her side in the next second. And soon after their amorous frolic reaches sakhis in the vicinity."

Relishing the madhurya or sweetness of Vrashbhanupur and Unch Gaon, Bobo came to Nangaon.Savouring the divine play of Radha-Krishna was not due to any effort or dedicated devotion on her part Rather every fiber of her being was loaded with the sweet romance of Radha-Krishna and thus their playful dalliance was perpetually attainable for her.

If we say that she was obtainable for inferior beings like us with one of her bodies and with her spiritual form she relished and took part in the dalliance of Priya-Priyatam, it would not be an exaggeration.


Now she came to her village Nandgram and sighted the same sweet scene, “Affectedly the handsome Shyam stood on the roof of his bhavan and hummed a song. Kunwari Shri Radha along with her intimate sakhi Shri Lalita and Vishakha could be seen coming from Lalita Sarovar.

Instantly the dark god breathed into his flute and gave a message. Priyaji and her sakhis understood. Astonished they looked at the flute player...Eyes met eyes-and hearts were ecstatic.The aanchals of their sarees slipped but had to be put in place. All three of them were taken aback and stood standstill. Soon after the dark god arrived there. And now the impassioned Radha-Krishna with their sakhis laughed and made merry with Lalitaji counting the heights of elation and ecstasy reached.”

And so absorbed in these bhavas, Bobo came back to the bucolic groves of the idyllic forest of Vrindavan

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